Recipe of the week: Chocolate Orange Bites

by polly on April 18, 2014

I first made this recipe back in 2010 which is from my dear friend and raw foodist Shazzie. She came up with the recipe for her daughter Evie to ensure she was getting a good concentrated source of protein. I remember making it for the very first time and using my brand new heart shaped dish, which I took to a Noble family gathering along with another cake I made as you can see on the left in the photo below. Yes, thankfully my presentation skills have improved over the years…I hope! ;o)



This time around, I was missing a few ingredients that Shazzie used (including one which offers a large portion of the protein content) so please note this is an adapted version. The recipe does call for some superfoods which you may not be familiar with so click on the highlighted links for more info. If you’d like the full recipe, check out Shazzie’s site and books which I highly recommend.

Chocolate Orange Bites

Melt the cacao butter gently and place into a Vitamix or high-speed blender with the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture (which will be quite dense) into a mould with cling film which will make it easier to take out.

Check out here.

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Vanilla Cream Chocolate Easter Cups

by polly on April 17, 2014

With nearly every shop window displaying baby chicks and chocolate eggs, it’s likely that it will have come to your attention that Easter is upon us! But instead of loading up on sugary milky shop-bought chocolate, why not make your own guilt-free version at home that is not only healthier but actually good for you!?

chocolate cream cups

Raw chocolate is created by cold-pressing the cacao bean, separating the oil from the protein and fibre. The temperature is kept at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below in order to maintain the amazing enzyme and nutrient content. Gradually the pure liquid cacao butter is drained off and the remaining residue is then cold-ground, fine milled and sifted so that only the finest, most bio-available raw cacao particles are used in the final product.

Cacao contains potent antioxidants that destroy free radicals and is thought to improve heart function, promote general health and can potentially lower the risk of developing disease. Theobromine, naturally found in cacao is a mild, non-addictive stimulant that may prevent depression.

So this Easter, why not swap your sugary shop-bought egg for a vegan vanilla cream raw chocolate cup? Get the recipe below.

chocolate cream cups

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5 Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

by polly on April 16, 2014

Thanks to a sneaky food industry who repeatedly fail to provide us with chemical-free food, we are forced to play detective to ensure what we are consuming is good for us if we are determined to look after our health.

himalayan pink salt

You may be unaware that white refined table salt is toxic and harmful to the body. It is heavily processed, flash-dried at extreme temperatures and put through a refining process, which turns the salt purple! As consumers are unlikely to buy purple salt, it is then chemically bleached and many other things added which include glucose, talcum and aluminum silicate, which act as poisons to the body. Unsurprisingly, the salt that remains is completely devoid of all nutrients and minerals. Consequently, the body is robbed of nutrients and causes it to retain fluid and become acidic.

Salt has been demonised over the years but the truth is, it’s a necessity for the body – without it, the heart, muscles and brain simply can’t function. Salt is most definitely not the enemy but the type of salt you are consuming is.

The problem with ‘conventional’ salt

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Friday Foodie: Crunchy Nut Granola

by polly on April 11, 2014

When it comes to staying healthy and having the ‘right’ foods on hand, it pays to be prepared. Every weekend I like to plan ahead, look at where I’m going and what I’m doing so that I can make sure I have what I need in the fridge to keep my energy and mood up! One of the major benefits I noticed when I changed my diet several years ago was how different I felt in my body eating cleaner more alkaline whole foods.


On Wednesday morning, I began a monster car journey driving from Cambridge to Germany where I will be staying for about 10 days. I’m staying in an apartment with a kitchen in a hotel and while I’m pleased to see there are now veggie options on the menu, last time I was here, the menu was much more limited so I made sure I bought provisions with me.

I’ll be blogging on what I’ve been eating and juicing while I’m here once I get home so for now, I’m sharing my recipe for my Crunchy Nut Granola which makes a great breakfast or go-to snack.

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Friday Foodie: Heather Pace

by polly on April 4, 2014

Oooh do I have a treat for you today! When I began experimenting with eating just raw food, there were a few sites that I found myself stalking on a regular basis and today, we have the honour of getting to know the brains (and beauty of course) behind one of those sites that is Sweetly Raw. Heather Pace is a classically trained chef from Canada who runs her own raw vegan dessert business as well as working as a trained yoga instructor.

Meet Heather…

Heather Pace


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7 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

by polly on April 3, 2014

Ever since I embarked on my wellness journey eight years ago after being diagnosed with cancer, I have discovered a whole new world of fascinating foods that make it so much easier to increase nutritional intake on a daily basis.

bee pollen

Bee pollen is considered to be one of nature’s most nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. It is approximately 40% protein; half of which is in the form of amino acids, which the body can use and assimilate easily. It is more rich in proteins than any other animal source.

Incredibly, one teaspoon of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather.

Here are 7 brilliant reasons to add bee pollen to your diet.

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Recipe: Spicy Quinoa Stir-fry

by polly on March 26, 2014

Knowing what to eat for dinner that’s tasty and healthy might leave you wondering what on earth you can throw together that encompasses those two elements so I want to share my dinner from a few nights ago. I’ve been feeling like I need to increase my protein consumption, not with animal products but a plant-based product so I opted for quinoa.



Quinoa has been singled out by the Food & Agricultural Organisation as a food with “high nutritive value”, impressive biodiversity and an important role to play in the achievement of food security worldwide. Yep, this little seed, pronounced ‘keen-wah’ packs a punch when it comes to nutrition.

Here’s what you need to know about quinoa

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I want to address the latest headline in the national papers this morning about saturated fat. There has been a lot of confusion about what fats we should and shouldn’t be eating and this article tells us the latest research suggests that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease after all, (something some of us have known for a while!)

saturated fat

Fat has been mistakenly labeled as ‘bad’ and demonised by the food industry and because the majority of people believe what they see on the tv and in the media, they have moved away from eating foods that are essential to the body.

Nearly all foods contain some fat because both plants and animals use fats to store energy. It is needed for their growth, development and function when there is a shortage of food supply (or sunlight shortage in the case of plants). Like animals, we also need fat in our diet and while certain types are detrimental, a certain amount of good fat is essential for optimal health.

Let’s look at the bad fats:

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Friday Foodie: Butterscotch Chocolate Brownie

March 14, 2014 Desserts

Knowing how to make healthier versions of food you once loved can make all the difference to how easy or difficult you find staying healthy. It’s often the foods that we’ve grown up with and revert to when things in our life don’t go to plan that result in us ‘falling off the wagon’ like […]

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Zensah Compression Socks Review & Giveaway!

March 13, 2014 Body

It’s no secret that I’ve suffered with swelling in the form of lymphedema in my leg before and it is well documented here on my blog and in magazine interviews about how I have managed and successfully healed the condition to the point where I no longer need to wear my stockings or have to […]

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