10 Reasons To Be Grateful

by Polly N on August 24, 2010

A few months ago, I woke up feeling extremely grateful for the friends in my life and decided to email one friend each day for a week of 10 Reasons as to why I loved them. I started on the Monday and I got as far as Tuesday as on the Wednesday I forgot and then didn’t get round to emailing anyone else so apologies to all my other friends bar 2 that didn’t get one!! Know that I DO love you!

The recipient’s names have been changed to protect them from being stalked – once you read the lists below, you’ll definitely want them as friends!

Hi Enid

This week I am telling one person a day 10 reasons why I love them.

You are my first…

1. Because you are caring
2. Because you are kind
3. Because you have an amazing way with words
4. Because it reminds me how funny, witty and intelligent you are when I read blogs and emails that you have written
5. Because you fall in and out of love wildly. Which is better than tame love.*
6. Because you make me think about my grammar when I’m writing an email (that doesn’t mean to say I always correct myself though!)
7. Because you are a little bit insane!
8. Because you always have a funny story about how you did something stupid
9. Because you make me want to be as effortlessly charming as you are.
10. Because you have few inhibitions and do everything (like getting drunk, amongst other things!) to the best of your ability

So they are just 10 of the reasons why I love you.


Hi Marjorie

Every day this week I am choosing one person to tell them 10 reasons why I love them.

Today I chose you.

1. Because I admire how much you care about everyone
2. Because you have the kindest most generous heart
3. Because you love a cry!
4. Because you fall in and out of love wildly. Which is better than tame love*
5. Because nothing is really ever a problem, even when all your clothes get thrown away!!!
6. Because you dip in and out of french randomly which makes me smile
7. Because you feel so strongly about making the world a better place
8. Because you are always there for me whenever I need you
9. Because I know you will be here for me forever more, and we will grow old together
10. Because you don’t change yourself for anyone. You are who you are and you love yourself for that

They are just 10 reasons why I Love you.


*I would just like to point out that I didn’t run out of reasons and duplicate no 4 – it is fantastically true of both my lucky-in-love friends!

It is scientifically proven that the brain cannot simultaneously experience fear/unhappiness AND appreciation so by making a list of the things you appreciate about your friend is sure to boost you and your friends mood!

If you want to spread the love, why don’t you send someone 10 Reasons and make their day!

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Amy August 24, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Hey Polly –

Lianne’s just put me on to your site. Is Marjorie Miss N G? – Marjorie is a brilliant pseudonym for her! Love it – right… off to read what you have to say about raw food. I’ve read Lianne wax lyrical about the raw chocolate… very intriguing…you’ve inadvertently inspired me to buy my first raw cookbook.

Lots of Love – hopefully our paths will cross soon.

Amy xxx


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