Going More Raw

by Polly N on August 3, 2010

These days I choose to eat for health. Don’t get me wrong, I eat to enjoy also. I’ve always had this strange proclivity for sitting and reading recipes and cookbooks. I love to cook (although these days it’s more a case of “uncooking”) and I have sat for hours flicking through recipes and reading through the instructions, I think in the hope that the information would seep deep into my brain and I would be able to throw together some Heston Blumenthaal-inspired Michelin starred meal. Of course, the end result is usually far from this, however this hasn’t stopped me from trying!


On explaining that I eat a mainly raw vegan diet, people assume I live on salad and nibble away on carrot sticks, nuts and mung beans. These do actually feature in my diet but I can guarantee they are not the only things! The truth is there are some amazing RAW food delights that can be made with very little effort.

When you think of your body as a machine or a vehicle that is taking you through from birth to death, it really does make sense to give it the right fuel. We overload our bodies with so much and you know what, it does a great job considering! But eventually, if we continue to subject it to the junkfoods that are commonplace within society, accompanied with a dollop of stress, pollution, lack of self-care and sleep deprivation, then something, is going to give. I’m not saying that all health related problems are self-created but I think it’s important to take responsibility for your body at all times, but especially during and post illness as food is what can nurse you back to health. If you overload it with sugar and hydrogenated fats and e numbers and artificial colourings and flavourings coupled with a lack of dehydration, your body is not going to run efficiently and it certainly isn’t going to be able to fight the disease or the illness you are trying to recover from.

So what do I eat? LIVING FOODS.

Things that are alive, that have energy and have used light for their growth.

The nutrient content of foods is damaged when cooked; so much so that Vitamin B reduces by between 50-97% and Vitamin C is reduced by 80% and meat actually becomes harmful, yes HARMFUL, when cooked at 400degrees F.

What you may not be aware of is that foods have an electromagnetic field and when we absorb these foods, we absorb the energy or “life-force” that food is carrying. The life force can be measured in MHz.

The average healthy human body resonates at 70MHZ; below 50 MHz the body starts to become diseased; a cancer cell resonates at 40 MHz or below. So it would make sense to eat foods which are high in energy keeping our bodies feeling energetic. And yet the average British diet (especially with processed foods) resonates between 0-30MHz!!!!!!!!!!!

So you’ll be pleased to hear that fruits and vegetables resonate at a high level, as do sprouts (like mung, alfalfa etc) and flowers (for eg.broccoli) (300MHz).

So, the moral of the story? Get more RAW! By eating more green rich foods, your body will naturally become less acidic and more alkaline balancing out your bodies homeostasis. Don’t feel dispondent about your current diet and the foods you love. Do what you can and try to eat at least 51% of each meal raw. By just adding one thing a day can make a difference to your energy levels and overall health.

Swap sandwich for salad. Swap crisps for nuts (except peanuts). Swap wheat bread for rye or spelt (or flax crackers are even better). Swap chocolate bars for RAW chocolate! I’ll do a whole blog on raw chocolate as it is SO delicious and SO GOOD for you you that it deserves it’s own individual prime-time slot!

Until then. xx

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Clare Mitchell August 5, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Great website…..Great Blog…and amazing advice!! Cant wait for the recipes section to be finished! x


Francesca Gordon-Smith August 16, 2010 at 11:45 am

Hi Polly,

This is all amazing. I’m totally on the same page as you. I’d love you to speak at one of my future workshops! x


Alice April 15, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Polly I love your blog!!! It’s really well explained and a lot of help so thank you, p.s i love that you put a picture of your fridge on there =D I want a fridge like that! xxx


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