No Pain No Gain..I hope!

by Polly N on September 16, 2010

I love to indulge in psychic or holistic fayres and last weekend, I was fortunate enough to visit the Mind Body Spirit Festival held at Chilford Hall with my Mum and Brother. It’s been a while since I last saw a psychic so I decided today would be as good a day as any. I wandered the hall eyeing up the mediums and tarot readers, trying to notice whether my inner guide was steering me in the direction of one in particluar. I felt a little like a card dealer, watching them all trying to suss out who held the Full House, but giving nothing away. I was going to keep my cards to my chest until I was ready to show them.

Exactly NOT what my psychic looked like!

During this time, we stumbled accross a stand from which some strange “whooshing” noises were emanating. I suddenly got a case of semi deja-vu. It was only a semi, in that I hadn’t been there before like the normal deja-vu but my subconscious mind recognised what the whooshing was. I stood there racking my brain for a minute before I realised I’d had some whooshing before!

Ok, so it’s not actually called whooshing. It’s known as “Qi” (pronounced “chee”). Qi means energy or life force that flows through all living things. (Even raw food which is why it is so good for us!) Qi travels around our body the same way our blood travels through our veins, but sometimes it can get stuck due to our stressful “must-achieve-more” lifestyles, causing a blockage which impacts our health.

I decided to “have a go”, (you don’t actually do anything but lie there) while the practitioner, or Master, (Master Myeong in my case), locates the blockage and begins to pummel my abdomen, applying (very hard!) pressure in order to dissolve the blockage, remove stress and stimulate the energy to move freely. This is thought to stimulate the body’s natual healing power and immunity.

The whooshing, incase you’re wondering, is a noise that is made by the Qi Master. She whooshes using her breath to transmit energy and revitalize all of my organs and cells. To say it wasn’t painful at times would be a lie, but it’s not an “Owww, I just walked into the door face first” kind of pain, (I walk into doors or door frames a lot so I do know that this can be pretty painful – clumsy isn’t even the word!). I would say it’s more of an “Owww someone has just wedged  the dull end of that hammer into my stomach and is keeping it there for more than a nanosecond” kind of pain. Ha! Oh that does sound bad..! But it’s manageable and it’s not constant and if it gets too much then you can say something (if the pain hasn’t taken your breath away that is)! I’m kidding, it’s really not that bad!

If you’re wondering how Qi can help you, it is thought to help treat insomnia, back pain, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, IBS and more. 

The following day I felt extremely bruised around my belly button – Master Myeong was working on my left hand side as she said that is where the blockage lay, (go figure that my tumour was on the left-hand side of my neck -I like to speak in past tense when talking about Mr. Tumour.)

After the session, Master Myeong recommended I see the founder of Qi Energy, Master Oh (yes, that really is his name!). He has been treating people for 20years+ and is somewhat of an expert. I’m told he healed his own cancer and currently works with a lot of people who have it.

Needless to say I’m willing to try and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him next week. I will report back to let you know how it went.

As for the psychic, I did make a decision on who to see eventually and that too was very interesting…marriage, babies and witches! But that’s a whole other story for another time…or not!


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Carol Taylor May 19, 2011 at 5:04 pm

Hi Polly,

I have just voted for you on Suzy Greaves recommendation – you are indeed an inspirational woman! I have been on your site before and found it very interesting. I’m a life coach and qualified as an Angel Reader in November 2010 – if this is something you may be interested in then I am more than willing to do it free of charge for you (can be done over the phone or face to face or even by e-mail!) – I’m still in the early days but having good results (see my website for testimonials). Anyway if you would like an Angel Reading then let me know but in the meantime the very very best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing more about your success – much love, Carol Taylor x


Anna Barclay August 4, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Hi Polly

I was at the fair in London too and was thinking of trying a Qi Treatment by the Masters. Can I ask if you’ve been to see Master Oh yet and what you thought of his treatment?

Take care and thanks for the inspiration,

Anna B x


polly August 4, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Anna

I did see Master Oh and i don’t know whether it was just me but I came away feeling disappointed as he spoke a lot about charity work that he does and felt like he was trying to sell me into something which was a bit of a shame. Im sure that he’s a very talented healer but my experience wasn’t as great as I had hoped ;o( But each to their own. Maybe it was just me or I was having an off day?! x


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