25 Rawsons

by Polly N on September 27, 2010

So I’ve been banging on about enzymes, vitamins and minerals in my blog posts for a while now which is great an’ all that but we all know that we should be eating more of our greens but we don’t because we think it’s boring. So I want to appeal to your more materialistic side (we’ve all got one don’t worry – it’s called the ego and sometimes it needs manipulating!) and in doing so I want to give you some cold hard reasons about how raw food can benefit you and others.


Raw food can help you;

  1. To reach your natural weight
  2. To feel lighter and brighter
  3. To gain mental clarity
  4. To feel motivated
  5. To require less sleep
  6. To reverse the signs of ageing
  7. To detoxify your body
  8. To boost your immune system
  9. To replenish your body’s natural reserve of enzymes
  10. To strengthen your connectedness to the earth
  11. To refrain from contributing to the cruelty of animals
  12. To regain your mental, physical and emotional balance
  13. To rid yourself of unhealthy eating habits
  14. To extend your life
  15. To strengthen your intuition
  16. To have clear skin, healthy nails and silky hair (that’s really 3 in 1!)
  17. To be more environmentally friendly
  18. To function at your peak mentally, physically and emotionally
  19. To feel calmer and happier
  20. To reduce feeling bloated and swollen
  21. To have the energy to get more accomplished in your day
  22. To repair your eyesight
  23. To experience the natural high raw food gives you
  24. To be excited about waking up and starting your day
  25. To feel better about yourself and love yourself and others more

None of these reasons really do justice the feeling of being raw – it can only be experienced, even just for a day! Very soon, I will be able to give you something I’m currently working on that will help you MASSIVELY with introducing more raw into your diet. I’m very excited about it…watch this space!

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Emma October 29, 2010 at 7:23 am

Really looking forward to your piece on introducing raw foods, hard to know where to start! Hope you are well x


eileen November 2, 2011 at 11:45 pm

have already tried some of your smoothies can’t wait to try your recipes.


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