Say I love you with chemical-free gifts

by Polly N on February 10, 2011

Apart from making raw chocolates, what better way to say I love you than with chemical-free beauty products. I’m a big fan of going chemical-free as there are so many hidden nasties in our everyday products that they could be causing serious problems. Or if they’re not causing any problems right now, you could be setting yourself up to experience them in the future. Many chemicals such as SLS (causes damage to liver, lungs and immune system), parabens, phthalates (linked to fertility problems) and formaldehyde (cancer-causing!) are present in our daily beauty products. You can read more here.

This week my favourite company Love Lula are having a 10% discount on Valentines gifts so if you’re stuck on what to buy for your loved one, then check out what Love Lula has in store! I think I’m going to treat myself! Why not?! I think I’m worth it!

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