The Protein Gap

by Polly N on February 20, 2011

One of the questions I get asked most frequently about my raw vegan lifestyle, is where I get my protein from. It is a widespread misperception that the best source of protein is that of animals. The World Health Organisation reports that we need 5% of our daily calorie intake to consist of protein. Of their calorific value, fruits offer approximately 5% protein, vegetables 20-50% protein and sprouts, seeds, grains, nuts and beans offer 10-25% protein.

Apart from being packed full of oxygen and cleansing chlorophyll, green plants are an ideal source of protein. And because they haven’t been heated, they don’t pose a problem for our digestion or tax our enzyme reserves all while delivering top-notch nutrients to every single cell.

Dark leafy greens are particularly beneficial as they contain not only protein but high levels of calcium, iron, beta-carotene and folate. Chlorophyll is your best friend; it acts as a blood builder, natural healer and is an all-round healthy hero. As I explained in my earlier post about alkalinity, green plants are extremely alkalising and help to balance the body’s pH which is very important for optimum health. An excess of acidic foods promote inflammation and we know that inflammation is the root cause of most, if not all disease.┬áBy consuming nutrient-rich alkalising foods we give our body the support it needs to work effectively and heal and repair itself accordingly.

Unfortunately we are bombarded with propaganda on a daily basis that we NEED animal products; that we will develop osteoporosis if we don’t drink enough hormone and antibiotic-residue milk; that we will become deficient in iron and protein if we don’t eat enough sick, steroid-pumped pigs and cattle that have often been treated inhumanely and fed their brothers, sisters and cousins. This is NOT TRUE. I’m not saying that the vegan diet doesn’t have its downsides because certain supplements are required on it, but you certainly don’t need to be ingesting a whole lotta chemical-ridden stressed-out dead flesh to get your protein fix.

The average woman only needs around 46-50 grams of protein per day which can easily be met on a vegan plant-based diet. Foods such as quinoa, almonds, buckwheat, hemp seeds and goji berries are all very high in protein. Blue-green algaes such as spirulina and chlorella are also excellent sources and contain as much as 40% protein!

In his book The China Study, Dr T. Colin Campbell makes a compelling and undeniable case that as your consumption of animal protein increases, so does your risk of developing chronic disease. That is HUGE! So the more protein you get from animals, the more at risk you are from cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and more. Hmm think I’ll pass thanks!

Now you know the truth, you have a duty to yourself to feed yourself real food for real nutrition.

Juicing is a brillant way to get all the greens into you and your kids so feed you and them some liquid nutrition in the form of a juice or smoothie. Know this; if we continue to believe these stories that the meat, dairy and pharma companies keep spoon-feeding us, then we are going to end up a nation of even sicker people than we already are. Cancer rates won’t be 1 in 3, they will be EVERY 1.

So go make yourself some green juice and relish in the knowledge that you’re flooding your cells with life force. Swap the Doritos for kale chips and add some greens to your plate. The power is yours to nourish your cells – they rely on you to feed them what they need to keep you ticking over – don’t neglect them.


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