Get your chemical-free glow on!

by Polly N on March 15, 2011

I don’t know about you but I am looking pretty pasty at the moment. I went to my friends daughters Christening on Sunday (ugh that makes me sound old!) and on looking at the pictures taken I decided that I look like a pint of milk! The dilemma of course with self-tanning products is that they contain a whole host of toxic chemicals. I’ve written several posts on this before and why it is so important to switch over to chemical-free products. You can read them here but basically your skin is the largest organ so imagine rubbing crude oil into it and letting it all sink in because that is pretty much what you’re doing when you use chemical-laden products. (A lot of the chemicals used are crude oil and petrol derivatives so I’m really not exaggerating!) YUK!

But imagine my delight when I found chemical-free self-tan products?!! Yes they are out there and YES they are just as good if not better than the poisonous ones. I use Green People’s Self Tan Lotion from one of my favourite companies, Love Lula. It’s a white mousse that spreads evenly, easily and naturally.

So if you’re in need of some colour and want to get your glow on without loading up on carcinogenic chemicals then check it out by clicking on the link below. Love Lula also have some gorgeous prezzies for special Mum’s on their special day (April 3rd if you’re wondering!) Happy Tanning!

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