Easter Eggs

by Polly N on April 8, 2011

I love chocolate – I do, I can’t deny it. Easter for me has always been about Easter eggs. I know that’s not what it’s REALLY about but seeing as I’m not particularly religious and despite having gone to a Catholic convent school (yes I know!! We even had Nuns as teachers way back then!), it never quite stuck with me. I actually got to a point where I would put my fingers in my ears during assembly as the religious stuff just got a bit too much!

I hate to be told what to do (as you may have already guessed from the fact that I am ignoring my doctors and “doing this cancer thing” my way) so it actually turned me way off than on. I don’t think that it was the schools intention to indoctrinate the pupils but there sure was a lotta God talk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-God or anti-religion but I do believe that if everyone just chilled out about what THEIR God thought was right, there would be a lot less hatred and war in the world.

Anyway, I digress. What I really want to share with you are these DE-LICIOUS Easter Eggs from one of my fave raw chocolate companys – RAWR Choc.

They come in 4 flavours; After Dinner Mint, Orange Zest, Purity and Intensity and they are truly delicious. My friend Kat was staying over when they arrived and we got stuck in straight away! I thought my favourite was going to be the mint chocolate as that is normally my favourite flavour but the Orange Zest in fact won the contest for me. In the next week or so I am going to be posting a recipe I came up with yesterday which tastes just like Cadbury’s Creme Egg (Kat will be pleased as this is her favourite chocolate of all time) so keep an eye out for that…

In the meantime though if you fancy buying some guilt-free, milk-free, refined-sugar-free indulgence, then get onto RAWR Choc and treat yourself to some REAL chocolate!

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Ana Goncalves April 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Rawr choc is my favorite online buyers for raw chocolate! I shall be buying their raw easter eggs for my other half, and shall also be treating myself to one! :) Here here for raw chocolate. Made quite a potent maca green smoothie for breakfast, and it sure kept me going, and if that wasn’t enough of maca I went and made a raw maca mousse topped with goji berries. Yum! x Happy Spring


Lucy April 11, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Thanks for this review – they sound great. I’m not sure what you were doing eating Easter Eggs before Easter but I guess it was something you just had to do in the interests of all your readers 😉

I have just ordered these for my boyfriend because I want to try them (is that wrong?!)



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