7 Day Raw Food Planner eBook and Program

by Polly N on May 20, 2011

My new eBook “7 Day Kickstart – The Beginners Guide to Eating More Raw” will be available to buy on Thursday 26th May which is available to pre-order here. This book is the perfect way to get started eating a raw diet and literally has everything done for you, shopping list and all! Oh and by the way, the Blueberry Yoghurt (made with a couple of everyday ingredients) frickin’ ROCKS!

Blueberry Yoghurt from "7 Day Raw Food Planner - A Beginners Guide"

I’m also launching the “7 Day Kickstart Group Program” to run alongside it as I know some of you want to be able to get support, ask me questions specific to your needs and so on. There is so much for me to share so for those of you that want to go the extra mile, learn what mistakes not to make and how to succeed eating a high raw diet, this program will tell you everything you need to know, keep you inspired and motivated. There’s loads more juicy stuff that you get which you can read about here. It’s launching on Monday 6th June but the doors close on Friday 3rd June so be sure to sign up if you want to get some one-on-one advice from me.

NOTE: This is likely to be the only time this year that I shall be doing this LIVE as my schedule is hotting up as I have several projects on the go so if you want to ask me your questions, now is the time.

Pecan Goji Nut Bars from "7 Day Kickstart - The Beginners Guide To Going More Raw"

Green juice and carrot sticks. xxx

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