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by Polly N on May 30, 2011

I don’t know about you but I am seriously ready for some summer sun. I’m actually sitting in my conservatory as I write despite the fact that there’s no hint of sun and is in fact raining. A bit of wishful thinking never went amiss though right?! With the holiday season upon us I thought I would write about healthy holidaying and today I’m starting with skincare.

Unsurprisingly I’m completely against lathering my body with lotions and potions that are carcinogenic (ie. proven to cause cancer) – I have enough of that going on thanks!

I write about this a lot because I want you to realise that your body is a direct result of what you put into and onto it. If you eat burgers and fries and drink fizzy drinks everyday you get fat and you feel crap. Every thing you think, eat, drink and put on to your body determines how healthy you look and feel. This is worth remembering as too often we (conveniently) forget the link between what’s on our plate or what’s going onto our skin and how well we feel (or not as the case maybe.)

Sadly, there are no guidelines to prevent cosmetics brands using chemicals like parabens (otherwise known as ‘gender-benders’ due to their estrogenic properties), artificial colours (linked to Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity), formaldehyde (thought to trigger asthma and irritation), phthalates (linked to decreased fertility in females and faulty reproductive development in male foetuses) and SLS (which can cause damage to the liver, lung and immune system) so it’s up to us to stay informed and make better choices surrounding our diet and lifestyle. You can read more about toxic beauty chemicals in an earlier post here.

Staying healthy at home working a 9-5 job is hard enough for most people as it is and more often than not we tend to let everything slip while on holiday (it is our time-off from being and doing after all!) And that’s okay. If you’re going to let your hair down and drink Margaritas ’til your hearts content then go for it. At least you can drink water along side it to help your body flush it out the following day. But flushing out those nasty chemicals from your £8 bottle of sun screen ‘aint so easy.

I always like to recommend people change things slowly rather than going full tilt so they don’t get overwhelmed and collapse into a heap of hot mess meltdown making them give up altogether. So, in that same vein, this year why not try and lessen the toxic load your body has to deal with and stock up on some chemical-free sunscreen? At least you can sit back and enjoy the sun in the knowledge your body isn’t being invaded by toxic crap. The problem is that those poisons just pile up, one after the other, from your shampoo, to your face cleanser to your moisturiser (because I know you don’t just use one a day!) This all results in over working the liver the more you slather on. Eventually something’s going to give and before you know it you have a health crisis situation going on. So start to think about what small changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that can reduce the toxicity levels you are ingesting (eat the 10 most polluted foods organic, buy chemical-free beauty products, introduce green juice into your life etc.)

There are loads of brands to chose from. My fave company Love Lula only stock chemical-free and ethically sourced products and their packages are always sent with love which I love! Plus they now offer free delivery on UK orders over £30 AND they’ve currently got a fab deal on Brown Earth Products which are amazing for your skin.

In my next newsletter I’m going to be writing about what you need to take with you on holiday to help you keep up with your nutritional intake if you don’t have a juicer, how to eat out at restaurants and neat tips that you might not have thought of. It’s coming out on Thursday 3rd June so if you’re not signed up, go to the top right of the page and enter your details. Oh and I’ll be also be sharing my recipe for my Cashew Cookies.

Chemical-free love coming your way


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