Food Journal – Saturday 28th May

by Polly N on May 30, 2011

I haven’t done a food journal in yonks, but thought it was time for one. Here it is peeps.

Food Journal – Saturday 28th May


Breakfast – Apple Refresher (recipe available in “10 free recipe” ebook >>> (Sign up on the right)

–¬†Superfood Grawnola with blueberries and raspberries¬†(click for recipe)

Lunch – Open Cashew Cheese Roll (available in 7 Day Kickstart ebook)

Snack – Cucumber Boats with Curried Avotomato (tomatoes, avocado, turmeric*, walnut oil, salt, dark miso, cumin, chilli pepper, garlic)

Mint Dream Smoothie

Dinner – Romaine and red pepper salad

Supplements; Spirulina in my juice, crystal manna sprinkled on my salad, bee pollen on my grawnola

* I like to add Turmeric to most of my foods and smoothies as they make cancer cells commit suicide, yeah they do. Love that.


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