National Vegetarian Week

by Polly N on May 28, 2011

Okay so National Vegetarian Week is nearly over (it officially runs from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th May) but that doesn’t mean you get let off the hook. During my Jivamukti yoga class last night the instructor took a few minutes out (well about 10 actually) to highlight the importance of eating and how rather than just stuffing our faces like usual, we must treat eating a meal in the same way we would a yoga class. It is a practice. A time for you to connect with yourself and your body.

If you are a meat eater you may well already be rolling your eyes or you may have even logged off and gone to another website but honestly – if you’re still here, you need to know this. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be a raw vegan I would have told you to get to rehab because you were clearly high! But what you will find as you begin to clean up your diet is that you begin to consider the origins of the food you are eating and how that effects your body and how that food makes you feel. We are often so used to guzzling cans of coke and meat-filled, cheese-filled sandwiches before unwrapping and tucking into a chocolate bar without really considering a) what it is doing on a physical level b) what it is doing on a mental level (make no mistake that shit foods make you feel shit and c)what impact the food you are eating has had on the planet. Because we don’t ever see the pig getting slaughtered or the poor environments the cows are kept in 23 hours a day we don’t actually make the connection that the food we are eating was once a sentient being. I’m really trying not to be preachy, nor am I wagging my finger at you for “being bad”. I am merely stating the facts.

Not only do these foods have a negative impact on the body because they are extremely hard to digest and acidic-forming but they are actually very heavy. When I say heavy, I mean not only physically but they have a “dumbing” effect on the mind. They have no life force in them, they are contracted and they make us feel foggy-brained and lethargic.

I personally have experienced far more energy, better concentration, more focus, better decision making and become kinder and more compassionate the cleaner my diet has become. Additionally my life outside of food, ie my business, my relationships and my life has improved tenfold. Things just flow better and life “stuff” just gets easier. This may be hard to fathom but trust me when I say that this is a common by-product and benefit of having less of an impact on the planet.

If you are a meat-eater, what could you change to make a difference not only to how you feel but to have less of an impact on the planet. What one thing could you change? If you are already vegetarian, could you go vegan for a week? What could you alter in your diet to improve your mental consciousness?

I would just like you to think about that and just because National Veetarian Week ends tomorrow doesn’t mean you’re not still accountable. You vote with your dollar so choose wisely. It’s just not cool to look around and say “well he/she is eating this/that so me eating a burger isn’t going to make a difference”. You’re WRONG. What if everybody thought that? The planet would be in an even sorrier state that it already is. Please think about it. Thank you.

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