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by Polly N on June 21, 2011

I had SO much fun on Saturday at The Truth Matters. It was amazing to meet so many of you so thank you if you came along! And special thanks to those of you that stood at the back for most of the talk – the room was packed! A lot of people came up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed the talk and said they found my story and message inspiring and motivating which is fantastic to hear. For those of you that missed it, I believe a recording of all the talks will be available to buy from The Truth Matters in due course.

Photo credit: Kris Talikowski

I also got to connect with the gorgeous Shazzie who runs the brilliant Detox Your World where I buy a lot of my superfoods. I write for her magazine Passion and she recently interviewed me for Shazzies VIP Room so it was great to give her a big hug and chew the coconut (as opposed to the “chew the phat” – Shazzie was actually munching on a young thai coconut at the time!)

The other speakers were all pretty awesome. I managed to see Kyle Vialli, Jason Vale and Sandy Newbigging who were all fab. (I’m going to be blogging about Sandy soon so if you don’t know who he is yet, then definitely check him out! He’s currently running the Freedom for Life Summit where you can get access to loads of awesome interviews.)

Check out the below video to see how packed it was!

I was intending to see Brian Clement from Hippocrates Institute but I bumped into the gorgeous Tanya Alekseeva and once we got chatting, we just couldn’t stop so I’ll have to catch Brian’s talk on video streaming – I hear it was interesting!

Photo credit: Kris Talikowski

I think I’m going to be speaking at the Truth Matters in Glasgow on 17th September so if you’re based that way, then I look forward to meeting you!

love xxx

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millie June 24, 2011 at 10:37 am

hi polly,
just wanted to say i think you ROCK! Love xxx


polly June 24, 2011 at 10:38 am

Ahh thanks Millie, i think you rock too! ;o) xx


Ana Goncalves July 13, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Polly, that is wonderful that Truth Matters was a success and that you enjoyed yourself! You are inspiring the lives of many by sharing your truth. I bumped into Tanya Alekseeva when I was volunteering at UKAware this year at the food booth. I recognized who she was immediatetly and told her I was a follower of her blog. :) Took her by surprise!

Many happy returns to your future talks, and all that you do. :)


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