Superhero Tea Review

by Polly N on June 20, 2011

A few weeks ago, I blogged about antioxidants and why they are so important for optimum health. We know we should be getting lots but it’s often the how, that’s the problem. Chowing down on a head of broccoli is well, frankly not appealing – even for me who is a lover of all things green! So if I can get my antioxidant fix in a matter on seconds then hell, I am going to do it. Green tea originates from China where it has been consumed on a daily basis for many many years, by ordinary folk and Zen masters and monks alike.

Teapigs kindly sent me a little pot full of emerald green goodness which I’ve nearly finished already! I’m a big fan of loading up on nutrients in any possible way, whether eating them as they are or adding superfoods to my smoothies or juices. Every time I eat and drink I try to pack in as many phytonutrients as possible to help support my body to function well and keep my immune system strong. The Matcha they sent me comes with a little whizzer (yes that is the technical term!), a shot glass, a cute little badge (just for decoration-don’t eat that) and of course the matcha itself.

I peeled back the lid to discover a gorgeous green powder and got to work assembling the whizzer, putting 1/4 teaspoon of the matcha into the shot glass, adding water and then….I downed it. It took me back to the last time I did a shot, only that time, it wasn’t just one and I ended up having to peel myself off the floor and certainly felt worse because of it, not better! You may have heard of it, it was called Sambuca. Bluurgh.

So I did a little video of me taking the matcha and what I should probably point out is, that although I look 15 in this video, I am actually nearly twice that in age! And, that while I thought the matcha tasted okay, my brother tried it after me and made a funny screwed up face – you know, the one you make when something’s quite strong. So, a word of warning, I guess my taste buds have become accostomed to green powders now so here’s my disclaimer; you may end up making a screwed up face too after drinking it! BUT it has 137 times more antioxidants so if I were you I would just say, plug (your nose) and chug! (It doesn’t actually smell of anything but if you’re one of those people that struggles with things like this, then a plug and chug effort may be your best option.) Personally I really liked it and it made me feel good that I was flooding my body with goodness.

Teapigs are offering my newsletter subscribers 10% off all their products until 30th June (except for “cheeky deals, gadgets and gifts”). So to get the discount code you’ll need to sign up to my newsletter on the top right of this page. Keep an eye out as it will be coming out in the next week or so!

Check out my vid here. If you like it or this article, please share the green love. xxx

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Shaista July 1, 2011 at 12:36 am

Polly, I heard you on the BBC chat show recently, and love that you meditate three times a day – do you belong to any of the Cambridge sanghas?
The matcha looks good – strong! – 137 times?!! I have SLE (Systemic Lupus) and am trying to pack as many goodies into my system – just downed a mug of coconut water – and am doing my best with Redbush tea, snake gourd, goji berries, quinoa etc etc…
Will look out for this tea. And may even get to meet in person at one of your talks someday soon – am a Cambridge resident and blogger myself…


Ana Goncalves July 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm

I love Matcha shots! You know I bought an extra one last time from teapigs for my boyfriend. Took it round and it wasn’t much used, until now! He drinks spirulina and matcha shots each day! Amazing what a new addition does, even if it’s not always welcomed at first. You look great in your video, thanks so much for sharing with us. :)


AmyEliza May 18, 2012 at 8:11 pm

I’m a huge fan of matcha. The first time I tried it I definitely have a “screwed up” face like your brother, but I love it now. I add it to so many things. So yummy!


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