Taking An Integrative Approach

by Polly N on June 13, 2011

A while back I posted a blog about a talk I did at a screening of Food Matters organised by Fitness Universal and the awesome charity Yes To Life. If you haven’t heard of Food Matters then you absolutely MUST watch this if you want to know the truth about food and the pharmas. I am a BIG BIG fan of Yes To Life charity. Not only is this charity helping people that are LIVING with cancer right here right now in this very moment but they take an integrative approach to cancer. (As opposed to some of the larger well-known cancer charities that seem to suck the eternal fundraising kitty dry with their research to find a cure that they have been on the brink of cracking for over 50 years! EHEM. Not naming any names of course! Whatever! I can’t wait around for that day and neither can you so listen up and get smart – yes I’m talking to YOU!)

DEFINITION OF INTEGRATIVE: Relating to a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to medicine that combines conventional treatments with alternative therapies such as homeopathy or naturopathy.

I don’t believe that one treatment for cancer fits all and I don’t believe that drugs are the solution. Drugs certainly have their place in medicine but do I think that drugs should be taken continuously day after day, year after year to “fix” a health problem? HELL NO!

So many people take pills to keep blood pressure low, to lessen arthritis, to prevent osteoporosis etc but when you stop and think about this it’s frickin scary that we have become a pill-popping society that think our health problems can be solved with a magic bullet. The last time I checked, you don’t take paracetemol for a headache because you have paracetemol deficiency! When you are ill you may experience some kind of symptom – something that is giving you a sign or a red flag. THAT is something within your body that is fundamentally off balance. Somethin’ ain’t right and a bottle of pills sure ain’t gonna fix it – at least not for the long-term and not without unknown side-effects or uncertainty of the potential to cause future ill-health as a by-product. The truth is we can never really know the real damage caused by drugs as they haven’t been around long enough. By the way did you know that 106,000 people in the US die every year from taking pharmaceutical drugs, AS PRESCRIBED by their DOCTOR? Yup. C’est vrai! (That’s french for “That’s true” by the way.)

So the moral of this story dearly loved readers is that health starts with looking after yourself, looking inward to your Divine self and asking what YOU can do to participate in your own health. If you have cancer then please know there is so much help and information out there for you and charities like Yes To Life are making it all available to you. By looking at ALL of your options, you arm yourself with knowledge and with knowledge comes POWER. If illness isn’t a concern of yours right now then I thank God for that but please don’t make it something you have to deal with in future by eating healthily, reducing stress from your life, juicing, and promoting an alkaline environment within your body. It’s up to you o’ gorgeous one! Check out Yes To Life’s latest newsletter below.

Peace and alkalinity.


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shanna June 13, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Exactly why I’m healing my cancer holistically. And blogging my results so others know they have options. Thanks for sharing Polly.


Ulrika June 14, 2011 at 8:05 am

I have to say one thing about drugs though… Sometimes it’s the only thing that will give you enough of a breathing space to be able to focus on working on your overall health. I had a paralysis condition as a child and that resulted in bladder issues and pelvic floor dysfunction. As an adult I got nerve pain as a result of the nerve damage and then the stress of that together with the stress of my personality (type A, performance anxiety) plus I’m sure other factors that are unknown to me, I got really bad IBS with bowels working too fast which was very disabling to me since my pelvic floor muscles don’t work properly. I had to fight long and hard to get a definite “diagnosis” of IBS and I tried diets, supplements, yoga, hypnotherapy and loperamide to make my symptoms less severe. When that wasn’t enough I fought to get referred to the colorectal surgery department to see what could be done for my pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Finally more than 3 years after I first got ill I had colostomy surgery that literally game me my life back. However I had also started having problems with reflux/heartburn that was really bad from time to time and the stress of being afraid that something might stop me from having the surgery that I so longed for, together with the surgery itself, triggered a bad gastritis/sensitive stomach that took a high dose of Nexium (proton pump inhibitor) to decrease plus an additional drug to get under control. It took a couple of months before my symptoms were under control and during this time I was so scared that this would turn into a chronic issue that I also started having anxiety problems further triggering the stomach issues. As a result I am still (2.5 years post-op) on both a mild antianxiety/antiemetic and Nexium. I will try to decrease the meds when I feel I am ready. A couple of months after the operation I started getting panic attacks and almost a year after I started cognitive behavior therapy. I’m a lot better now and during this time post-op I got married and we had our first child and HE has taught me a lot about life too so I am getting better and better…

As you can see I have tried diets and alternative methods, therapy et.c. and sometimes it’s helped and sometimes rather the opposite, but what has made it even possible for me to have enough energy and being well enough to have the strength to experiment is the drugs! So they can be quite necessary sometimes! It should also be noted that I don’t use my antacid drug to be able to eat pizza every day although I may occasionally have one, but rather to be able to eat a lot of things I couldn’t eat when the stomach problems were bad, like bell peppers, citrus fruits et.c. So there is certainly a way to include drugs in a holistic approach. :)


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