Peace ROCKS!

by Polly N on August 13, 2011

I’ve never really spent a lot of time thinking about peace, until recently. Of course it is something most people want but what really IS peace and how do you “get it” when there’s so much crazy shit going in the world? Well these are two very good questions – answers to which I’m going to help you with.

I mean, how the hell can you be “at peace” when you have cancer? How can you experience peace when you’ve just lost your job, or your grandad died or your life is “falling apart”? Surely to be peaceful at these times is impossible? Well Sandy C. Newbigging seems to have the answers and has written a book called, “Peace for life” which I am currently reading and very much enjoying. This guy has spent months meditating for hours and hours every day so he sure does know a thing or two about real peace! I sure as hell want some of that shiz!

Rather than trying to change your thoughts, which we apparently have 100,000 of every day, most of which are the same thoughts we had the day before and the day before that and the day before that (we are indeed creatures of habit), Sandy teaches people to change their relationship with their mind instead. Which I think makes complete sense because that we can control. The thoughts…not so much. Have you ever tried to control your thoughts? Before you can even change a thought, you’ve already thought it, or it’s thought you! Impossible!

But changing your relationship with your mind? Now that’s doable.

As a coach, I hear of soooo many people that are exhausted from thinking too much, worrying too much and are fed up of their crazy brain thinking them, so I asked Sandy if he would join me for a teleclass so I can share some of his widom with you. It’s completely FREE for you so you have nothing to lose! Do you want to know how to be present and experience some peace??! I sure do!

So, get out your diary and come join us next Tuesday 16th at 8.30pm for what is likely to be a very interesting, thought-provoking and illuminating call!

Peace out. xxx

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hannamay August 24, 2011 at 2:56 am

This was a wonderfully helpful article!Your tips will definitely come in handy. Thanks for writing a great article!


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