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by Polly N on August 5, 2011

So if you didn’t see my recent feature in Fabulous Magazine, here it is. I thought it was a positive piece and am pleased that I am able to spread my message that it’s important to become an empowered participant in your health whether you have cancer, diabetes,arthritis or generally just want to feel better in your skin. But there is just one thing I would like to clarify. Well 2 things actually….

Firstly, anyone that has read Brandon Bays “The Journey” will know that the technique she used to heal her own cancer involved a process of healing past emotions that were blocked and creating dis-ease within her body. In the above article I am quoted to have said that Brandon cured her cancer through diet and meditation which she did use but her healing mostly centred around the process of visualisation called “The Journey” work. No big deal – I just wanted to clarify that for those of you that have read it and am wondering why I “said” that. Because it got a little confused…

Secondly, to Dr Hilary’s comments about my diet I would like to say broccoli is not radical. Green juice is not radical. Salad is not radical. Cutting out organs, lumps and bumps in the hope they never come back without looking to heal the root cause, poisoning our cells with cancer-causing agents and blasting our bodies with beams of radiation is RADICAL!!!

I didn’t know that Dr Hilary was going to contribute to the article and well, I thought it was kinda funny! I found it really amusing! I especially loved the part where he said,

“A positive attitude may help, but cancer is a cellular disease, and what our brain says doesn’t influence what our cells do”. 

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr REALLY? Are you SURE about that? So what happens when we get nervous? We sweat. What happens when we get embarrassed? We go red. Hmmm, I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure that physiologically for that to happen, our brain has to register the anxiety/embarrassment which then causes the body to have a reaction. So for Dr Hilary to say that the brain doesn’t influence our cells is a) downright scary considering he is a Doctor and b)kind of bizarre!

And I’m sure Dr David Hamilton would have to disagree. In his book, “How The Mind Can Heal Your Body” he explains that ‘the brain doesn’t seem to know the difference between real and imaginary, which serves our purpose if we want to visualize ourselves recovering from an illness’. How cool is that? Someone get a memo to Dr Hilary!!

But seriously my intention is not to make a fool out of anyone (some people do that fine all by themselves!) ;o) and I have nothing against the medical industry or Dr Hilary. I appreciate that he can’t be seen to be promoting broccoli and green juice as a cancer cure (until of course I have the scan to show I am cancer-free! God forbid we should actually find a cure that is non-patentable!!) In fact, you will often hear me say that I think the medical profession are fantastic at what they do when it comes to emergency treatment. If I chop my finger off making Pad Thai in my next raw food class, PLEASE get me to A+E ASAP but when it comes to chronic disease such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease there needs to be a shift, an opening of ones mind that alternative options to healing ARE available and POSSIBLE. Especially because for some people, this is the only option. There are SO many people that have cured themselves of illnesses but you only hear about them when you start looking. We need people like myself, YOU, and open-minded doctors to help spread the message that;



b) you CAN help yourself! No matter what illness, ailment or dis-ease you are suffering from – there is something you can do, something you can try.

That is why I co-wrote The Cancer Journey – Positive Steps To Help Yourself Heal. Because there are many things that you can do to become empowered in your health, no matter what. You don’t have to succumb to being a “patient”. You can choose to be a ‘cancer patient’ or a ‘kick-ass cancer survivor!’ The book tells you the things your doctor won’t. Seriously. The information contained within this book is invaluable for anyone affected by cancer, directly and indirectly. I will tell you more about it when it’s available for pre-sale in the next few weeks but if you want to be notified of when it’s available, head on over to The Cancer Journey Book website and sign up for details.

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Green juicy love to you. xxx

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Amy August 6, 2011 at 8:45 am

And what about documented cases where people with multiple personality disorder can display categoric evidence of allergy when adopting one personality and not when another? It is the brain affecting the cells. Same body.
Our brain is POWERFUL.
Am obviously preaching to the converted though so I’ll leave it there. Argh! What a frustrating response from him!!


Paulo August 6, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Actually Brandon Bays did change her diet and took up meditation to cure herself of cancer – she’s even got a meditation cd out and regularly advocates a raw food diet – I’m a big fan of her work


Nathalie August 7, 2011 at 12:42 pm

You go girl and prove them wrong!!! I didn’t realize the full extent of your story until reading the article; harrowing, yet truly inspiring!
It annoys me beyond belief how most people label a really healthy, nutritious diet as ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’..what on earth is radical about broccoli and courgettes and not wanting to cook the ‘life’ out of our foods??!! And this coming from doctors is just plain scary…


Ulrika August 9, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Hahaha, Polly – you know what I loved about the dr’s statements? What he said it might be “spontaneous resolution”. I was like – yeaaah – that’s kind of the point of Polly’s lifestyle isn’t it – to get the immune system to recognize and kill off the cancer cells.


Ulrika August 9, 2011 at 2:08 pm

It’s like he said Polly’s immune system can have suddenly start to work properly against the cancer cells completely out of the blue but it certainly had little to do with her diet and lifestyle changes. 😀


laura August 10, 2011 at 10:33 am

wow your such a inspiration. doctors always think they know best but i love to prove them wrong and you’ve done it too nice one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Daniella August 11, 2011 at 3:52 am

What an inspirational story Polly.

I still can’t believe in this day-in-age most doctors refuse to believe in the power of natural eating and the mind. Everyone in the world is searching for a cure to cancer.. when really it is right here in front of us.

Keep spreading the word, because knowledge is power.

All the best on your journey.


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