Foods For Life Lecture

by Polly N on September 21, 2011

Ever wondered what the hell to eat when you have cancer? Or what to feed a loved one or friend with cancer? Well I’m going to be giving a lecture with Robin Daly, Founder of Yes To Life Charity on “Foods For Life” on October 25th at Earth Natural Foods, Kentish Town. 

It is without doubt a very difficult time for anyone going through treatment for cancer so it can be exhausting worrying about what you can be doing to aid your body in healing and recovery. Oftentimes, food is the last thing you want and when you do want it, it’s normally cheese, biscuits, crisps and chocolate that you fancy. Which might “keep your weight up” as the doctor would say, but it certainly won’t keep cancer at bay!

In this lecture, Robin and I will be telling you what foods you can incorporate into your diet that help your body heal and repair itself, help you boost your immune system to help fight disease, build new blood cells, increase oxygenation to all of your sexy cells and help you feel much more positive about your current situation. (Because your food does affect your mood!) This lecture is open to carers, cancer survivors, and anyone that wants to know how to stay well.

Tickets must be purchased in advance from here. They are just £5 and all proceeds will go to Yes To Life Charity.

Hope to see you there! xxx

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