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by Polly N on September 14, 2011

If you’d have told me a year ago that I would be a published author I would never have believed you. I always hoped that one day I would write a book – I don’t think I ever hoped to be able to write a book about cancer, especially not from experience but hey never mind! When I originally got cancer back in 2005, it was seriously scary. There I was, 24 years old, partying and minding my own business, living my life in London when a shitstorm of a diagnosis rocked my world.

Everything changed in an instant. I was no longer Polly – I was a cancer “patient”. Ugh I really hate that word but it definitely sums up what was to become the next year of my life. A cancer patient. In my mind, those words conjure up a picture of someone very ill, at the mercy of doctors and drugs feeling very disempowered. Which is exactly what I was.

These days I use the term cancer survivor because that is what I am. Just because I don’t have the official “You are in remission” (which by the way only ever seems to happen in the movies as it’s never been as clear cut in my experience), doesn’t mean that I am still a cancer patient. I live with cancer every day. I have to deal with the emotional, physical and mental side-effects of cancer every waking moment but it’s a lot easier being a “cancer survivor”, being in control of my experience than a “cancer patient.”

There’s a lotta stuff I wish had have known when I got cancer and there were fewer resources out there than there are now, needless to say I had no idea what to eat, how to tell friends and family that I had a disease that could kill me, what I could eat to lessen the extreme nausea I experienced, how to deal with the lymphoedema in my leg and what I could do to help myself heal.

So when I began working with bestselling author and life coach Suzy Greaves, hailed as ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ by the Daily Mail, and embarked on her 21-day challenge last year I had no idea just how much she really would help to turn my life around. Suzy suggested that I team up with 2 of her other “Big Leapers”, a lady called Pam and a guy called Nick who were also thinking of writing a book about their cancer journey and so our book was born. It took a little longer than 21 days, about 427 days longer but we got there in the end! And now it is here.

Suzy has interviewed me about the book so if you’d like to listen to how the book can help you then listen to the recording here.

One of my best friends Katherine Jenkins, who lost her father to cancer aged 15, has very kindly written the foreword for the book and says “This book is exactly what I needed then.  It’s the go-to handbook for anyone with a diagnosis or for the loved ones of someone with cancer.”

I am so excited to be able to share this book with you as I feel it will help a lot of people. Here are just some of the comments we’ve had from people that read the manuscript as it was being written…

“I thought The Cancer Journey was fantastic. It was easy to read, humorous and I loved the useful tips like wearing comfy clothes to your chemo appointments. I know the patients will love it. I think any patient and their family and friends would also find it useful. Jill Meech, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Macmillan Cancer Support

“I really enjoyed The Cancer Journey. In particular the chapter, “What Friends and Family Can Do To Help” is excellent. I like the idea of Round Robin emails as well; this saves hours and hours of repeat explanations.” Eleanor Moskovic FRCP FRCR Consultant Radiologist 

” I have just finished reading The Cancer Journey and it is excellent. I particularly like the fact that it covers so much. The holistic approach is well done and it is really very helpful to doctors and patient. Not patronising and crammed full of information that a patient without cancer would also find interesting and useful. I like the medical bits and I think the nutrition sections excellent and succinct. A great read, and also a great resource. I would be happy to recommend to my patients. Tan Arulampulan, Laparaoscopic General and Colorectal Surgeon

BUY The Cancer Journey here.

Please share this book with your loved ones and help spread the message that there is always something you can do to help yourself. Use the links below to facebook and tweet it!

Thank you xxx

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GetSkinnyGoVegan September 14, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Congratulations on your book! Are you shipping worldwide? I bet your blog has so many readers in all parts of the world!


polly September 14, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Thanks!! And yes we certainly do ship worldwide! Check out for postage/buying options! Thanks! xx


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