Crackin Crackits with Reishi

by Polly N on October 12, 2011

One of the things people tend to find most difficult with going raw is adjusting to weeding out the biscuits and crisps that are for many people the epicentre of their everyday diet! At the beginning of transitioning to cleaner foods, it can often be tricky finding a substitute for that afternoon snack that is satisfying and healthy. So when I discovered Inspirals Crackits, I was delighted. I have tried a lot of crackers in my time and I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of dehydrated food. Yes, I have a dehydrator and I do use it occasionally but I prefer to eat the majority of my foods fresh and living.

But sometimes, fresh food just doesn’t cut it when you’re looking for the crunch factor. And having some crackers in the cupboard as a snack can act as a saviour in times of need. I recommend having crackers stored in the cupboard for those times you want to snack on something so that you aren’t tempted by the KitKat or the ginger nut biscuits in the cupboard that your kids/partner like to have from time to time. (I should know – I live in a household of meat-eating, milk-guzzling, sugar-craving addicts!) so I make sure I’m fully equipped with my raw goodies so I don’t stray from my path.

They come in 3 flavours, Ginseng, Reishi (above) and HoShou, although I’ve only tried the last two. I love that they are not only made from living foods but are packed with superfoods to increase longevity and vitality. The HoShou crackers are made with sea veggies which is a big bonus for me as I like to squeeze them into my diet wherever possible as they are so darn nutritious and fabulous for regulating the thyroid. They also contain spirulina and kelp which are extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body.

I love to spread Apricot Kernel Butter onto mine – how do you eat yours?

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