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by Polly N on November 9, 2011

A few months ago I was kindly invited down to Brighton to visit a unique wellbeing centre called Aloka which offers just about everything you need under one roof for the ultimate pampering day. With an award-winning vegan and raw food restaurant, vegan café, a spacious yoga studio, several treatment rooms and a crystal and cosmetics shop, Aloka seem to have gone the extra mile when they created what they describe as a Quality of Life Centre.

One of the very special products that Aloka uses is Aura-Soma which is described as a “non-intrusive, self-selective system of colour care –  a tool with which to explore our consciousness and to grow along our path of self discovery.”

The body is made of energy vibrating at a frequency and for our body to stay healthy and our cells to exude vitality, amongst other things, it requires light. Although you may not have thought of yourself or your body as purely “energy”, that is all we really are. The reason that Aura-Soma is truly special is because it connects light to the body and addresses the being of light within each of us and the living energies of light that surround us. “Aura” means “light” and “Soma” means “the body” (from the Greek) or “the being” (from the Aramaic), or “living energies” (from the Sanskrit).

I had the pleasure of being pampered with an Aura-Soma facial and was asked to pick out from the numerous bottles of colour just 4 that I liked the look of or felt drawn to. The 4 in the picture above were my chosen bottles. But this is what I had to choose from so I tried not to dither and went with my gut instinct. As you can see in the picture above, I was being drawn to pink, purple and blues (interesting then that the throat chakra is blue and that is where the “lumps” are currently residing in my body!)

The facial then went through the process of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, hydrating, conditioning and moisturising but not with just any old products. You may know by now that I am not an advocate of chemical-ridden potions and lotions that adorn the shelves of our local pharmacy and toxify us from the inside out which is why I was excited to hear about AEOS.

AEOS stands for ACTIVE ENERGISED ORGANIC SKINCARE but just so you can be super confident that what you’re putting on your skin really is good for you, let’s break it down.

ACTIVE – this refers to the fact that the ingredients used in the products are ‘alive’ and have been sourced from a soil which has been nourished and activated for optimal performance. AEOS contains many plant extracts, essential oils and enzymes which are organic and where possible from bio-dynamic sources.

ENERGISED – Aura-Soma uses a unique energising process to enhance each element contained within each product.

ORGANIC – ingredients used for AEOS are grown on a Demeter-certified (certified organically farmed), bio-dynamic farm in the heart of Lincolnshire which means the soil is nourished and therefore the quality of the plant extracts are have more vitality and are consequently super-powered with life-force nourishing for the skin.

SKINCARE – AEOS has a unique three-phase system and is a new concept for skincare. (Phase 1 – Renew, Phase 2 – Rebalance, Phase 3 – Replenish)


I have been using these AEOS products for the last two months and I love them. They are super soft on the skin, smell divine, travel well and come with the added bonus of being extremely safe to use on your skin. I am a big fan of this skincare range and recommend you get yourself some asap or ask Father Christmas nicely to put some in your stocking! They are well worth buying, especially as you only need a tiny amount each time you use them so they last for ages! Finding good quality products that are safe for us and our bodies is uber important so do yourself a favour and consider going chemical-free!

For more information on AEOS, visit or to buy check out


Have you tried AEOS products or been to Aloka in Brighton? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Samantha November 10, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Hi Polly,
I loved reading about your love for AEOS and the complete Aloka/Aura-Soma experience. I agree it’s so important to choose natural products with integrity. I’ve been using AEOS for about 9 months and wouldn’t consider using anything else now as the difference it has made to my complexion is a dream come true. I now no longer have to wear make-up to “cover up” my skin, as it has a true natural glow!
I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.
x Samantha


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