2011 In Review

by Polly N on December 30, 2011

New Years Eve is nearly upon us and I am sitting here taking stock of all the wonderful things that have taken place in my life in the last 12 months. It’s always useful to fully acknowledge all of these little (and sometimes) big gems as it’s just too easy to let them slip by. So before I tell you what’s on my list for 2012, here’s a review of what has quite possibly been one of the best years of my life so far…

2011 – Here’s what happened:

Hello 2012….I plan to…..

  • Hold some kick-arse healthy UK retreats
  • Deepen my connection with peace and haul my arse up a mountain to meditate for 6 months
  • Do more classes & workshops (and yes there will be some in London – keep your eyes peeled as there’s one coming on 3rd March)
  • Deliver an awesome online transformational coaching program
  • Laugh more
  • Take myself and life even less seriously than I already do
  • Rest more
  • Do more yoga & exercise (gotta get ready for the Olympics after all!)
  • See friends more
  • Hire an assistant
  • Work less
  • Read more
  • To stop feeling like there’s always something to do, to stop looking left and right, only look forward and trailblaze my own way
  • Love more
  • Start writing my next diet and lifestyle book

So there you have it. It’s going to be an action-packed half a year (as the latter 6 months I’m going to be busy meditating). But I can’t wait to start another year on this crazy roller coaster called life. Thank you for riding it with me so far and I hope you stick around for the ups, the downs, the goods and the (hopefully not so many) not-so goods.

What new years resolutions do you have for next year and what have you learned from 2011? Come tell me on my facebook page.

Wishing you a fabulous exciting new year

Peace, love, joy and miracles to you.





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