by Polly N on December 16, 2011

I am really excited about launching my group coaching program for January 2012 – DETOX JUNKIE. I initially registered this domain name back in 2009 as even as far back as then I was thinking about creating a detox program for mind, body and soul to help ignite health and happiness in others.

Detox Junkie is a 28 day cleanse designed to replenish, redesign and reignite your health, happiness and spark for life. 

This program covers everything from creating a super inspiring vision for 2012, dissecting limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back, helping you to clear emotional, mental and physical space to help attract the things you do want in your life, empowering you with the all important information on eating well, setting yourself and your kitchen up for success, an online forum for you to connect with other like-minded super-powered wellness warriors, 20 ALL NEW brand spanking “transitional” recipes for those that want to keep some cooked foods in their diet in the winter months and much much more.
As I explained in my last newsletter which you can read here, the time available to work with me next year is going to be limited due to other commitments (such as sitting up a mountain meditating for 6 months – yep I know – crazy scary but exciting!) so this really is going to be the best time to work with me.

So if you want in, doors are OPEN NOW but they close MIDNIGHT Saturday 7th JANUARY 2012.

I look forward o working with you!
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