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by Polly N on December 21, 2011

I am super excited to announce some fantastic health and wellbeing junkies that have agreed to contribute to the Detox Junkie Program starting on 9th January 2012.


Jessica of The Wellness Warrior is my soul sister and I am delighted that she is going to contributing her wisdom, wit and wonderfulness to Detox Junkie. This woman is not only someone that is kicking cancer’s arse but inspires others (incuding myself) to be better and do better everyday. And we all need a dose of that as much as possible so that we can live our best life!


Heather’s primary passion is coaching 20 to 30-somethings on getting un-stuck in their lives.  Technically trained as a Professional Life Coach, she prefers “adventure-guide, professional instigator, and life-shift strategist.”  She taps into her wildly eclectic work and life experiences to help struggling rockstars REBOOT their realities in radical ways – we’re talking major career pivots, business launches, geographic hip-hops, and relationship flip-flops – without ripping apart all the stability they’ve worked hard to create.  She also works with young adults to help them think big about their lives and forge a path based on their unique capabilities.



Denise is a vibrant life coach and author of the book Lucky Bitch. She works with exceptional women who have a huge destiny and will do anything to fulfill it. She has SO many goods to give so I am chuffed to have her on board.


Laura is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher from New York. Due to an accident in childhood, she spent over 6 years in and out of wheelchairs and walking apparatuses. Her journey led her to yoga as a healing modality at age 14, and she’s blessed to now pass the wisdom of this ancient tradition to you.

PLUS I will be announcing 2 more FABULOUS contributors to Detox Junkie very soon…. watch this space. If you want to join the program, doors are open til 7th Jan…


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