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by Polly N on January 19, 2012

As I have learnt to whether the shitstorm of having cancer, I have overcome many things. Which means I’ve learnt a lot of stuff through my own personal experience whether that be having to ride storms, jump down the black holes or step out into unknown and seemingly untrodden land, all with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. At least that is what is has felt like at times. But now I feel, 2 years on, that I am in a massively different place to where I was even just one year ago. It’s amazing the transformation that can take place in such a short period of time and yet it feels like forever at the same time. Know what I mean?

I have come to believe that the reason I have this life; two cancer diagnoses under my belt for before the age of 29, hospitalised with pneumonia twice before 29, lymphoedema, early menopause and supposed infertility aged 24 and many more things I have selectively chosen to forgotten is because maybe I was meant to live it. No-one else could do what I’m doing and the exact way I have done it / am doing it because there is only me. As there is only you. And we are unique.

So my point is, is that shit happens, we learn, we grow, we do our best to make the most of our life and that’s really our only purpose. Yes of course, the money and the car and the holidays and the designer clothes are all lovely, but they don’t fill that need for love, joy, health, happiness, peace and connection to humanity. Which at the heart of everything is all us humans really want. (You may think you want something else, but I betcha, if you keep asking yourself, what that ‘thing’ gives you, and then what that ‘thing’ gives you, you’ll get down to the list I just mentioned.)

I’ve learned a lotta stuff about being happy, (really happy on the inside…not just on the outside or looking for it in the wrong places like Jimmy Choo handbags and Prada shoes which I used to..) but REALLY being happy with your lot. BUT also working towards that which you desire. I’m totally okay with wanting more stuff, a better job, more money, a boyfriend but the difference is in being happy with what you have while you manifest what you desire…get it?

So listen, last year I held a lecture in London called “The Modern Girls Guide To Living a Life You Love” and the feedback was brilliant BUT the only thing people said was that they wished there had been more time to discuss the principles laid out in the lecture. SO, I’ve created a 1 day workshop  of the same name which is going to help you create your best life and inspire you to make change! I am packing a lot of info, funsheets, exercises & interaction into this class AND there will even be some time dedicated to moving that ass of yours into some downward dogs!

Just to let you know though that I do expect this to sell out quick, so if you and your friends want in, I’d suggest you get in soon. I’m not saying that as a marketing ploy – I genuinely mean it as the lecture sold out super fast and lots of people missed out.

Check out the day’s event here. 

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