Book Review: Dying To Be Me

by Polly N on April 13, 2012

A few weeks ago I was sent a link to a website about a woman, named Anita Moorjani, who after having end-stage cancer, died, chose to come back to life and healed completely of the disease that had completely ravaged her body. Dr Wayne Dyer, who like me, received healing from John of God (and healed successfully from Leukaemia) which you can read about here, has written the foreword and is helping to spread Anita’s message as he believes that the world needs to hear it, with which I totally agree.

I have just finished reading the book this morning which I devoured in 2 days. That is really unusual for me as I’m normally reading 3 different books at one time and go from book to book depending on what I feel like. But the moment I picked up this book I was eager to reach Part 2 and Part 3 which cover her Near Death Experience (NDE) and her understandings and nuggets of wisdom from having been to the other realm.

In Part 1 of the book, Anita describes the conflicts she encountered being raised in Hong Kong with a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures which only led her to confusion, loss of identity, guilt, fear, feelings of not being good enough and so forth. All her life she was conforming to please society and other people, all the while denying and hiding away her real self or what she calls her ‘infinite self’. There were many conflicts of Anita’s that I could relate to as I too as one time or another have hidden my true self in fear of being judged, disliked or criticised and so her experience of this has only helped me to recognise this and create awareness around it so that I stay true to myself.

Her NDE in Part 2 of the book is fascinating and while I have never had one, her words about what she experienced and discovered throughout resonated with me. This is because my infinite self knows the expansive consciousness that she talks about because that is what my soul is. Beyond my body and my mind, my soul which is One with everything connects with the words on the page and knows it to be truth. She effortlessly and beautifully describes what our purpose is and in reading it, I felt a peace of mind and comfort wash over me that whatever happens to me in this life is okay. There are of course times I have experienced fear about the cancer I’ve had which affects me in negative ways but when I remember that all is unfolding perfectly all of the time, it helps to bring me back into the present moment and to live fully.

I love that she reinforces that the body can heal as this only helps to strengthen the faith in my own healing. She says “Because of my experience, I absolutely do strongly believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves as well as facilitate the healing of others.”

Anita explains that before she got cancer, she feared everything – even getting cancer. Everything in her life, from her thoughts and beliefs to her behaviour was conflicted so she could never just ‘be’ herself, do what she wanted without fear of rejection, judgment and guilt. Her disease was a manifestation of this conflict and her NDE gave her insight into what she describes as ‘the powerful, magnificent, unconditionally loved and loving force” that she, you and I already are that was the catalyst for her healing.

“So no, it wasn’t my beliefs that caused me to heal. My NDE was a state of pure awareness, which is a state of complete suspension of all previously held doctrine and dogma. This allowed my body to ‘reset’ itself. In other words, an absence of belief was required for my healing. In the moment that I completely let go of my strong desire to stay alive, I experienced death. And in dying, I realized that it wasn’t my time. When I was willing to let go of what I wanted, I received what was truly mine. I’ve realized that the latter is always the greater gift.”

Having been on this journey to heal myself naturally of cancer for over 2 years now and having had cancer on and off for what will be 7 years in November, it occurred to me when reading this book that I am attached to the outcome of healing. Of course that is all that anyone ever wants when they don’t have 100% health but I do agree with what Anita says about allowing what is to just be what it is as when you attach your mind to a certain outcome, you limit the possibilities that the Universe has available to you. So for me, this book has reminded me not to resist that which I don’t want, ie the cancer and all that comes with it. Living in acceptance with what is, is a much more loving and healing capacity in which to reside.

This is a nice reminder of the difference between being and doing which I am constantly reminding myself of as I have the tendency to get busy doing, which leads me to feeling depleted and empty.

“When we live completely from the mind over a period of time, we lose touch with the infinite self, and then we begin to feel lost. This happens when we are in doing mode all the time, rather than being. The latter means living from the soul and is a state of allowing. It means letting ourselves be who and what we are without judgment. Being doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything. It’s just that our actions stem from following our emotions and feelings while staying present in the moment. Doing, on the other hand, is future focused, with the mind creating a series of tasks hat take us from here to there in order to achieve a particular outcome, regardless of our emotional state. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone that needs reminding of who they are, what they are here to do and how to get back on the path to following their bliss. I shall leave you with this final extract in the hope that it resonates, inspires and reminds you of your true essence:

“I know my only work is to be. My job here is to be myself – an expression of the love that I am – and to see the perfection in myself, others and the world around me as I continue to live in the physical plane. That’s all that any of us needs to be.”

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Jill April 13, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Hello Polly,

I enjoyed reading your review of the book ‘Dying To Be Me’. Like yourself I am a fan of Wayne Dyer and read the book after hearing him talk about it on his Hay House Radio show. I have also been reading Wayne Dyer’s new book ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ and would recommend it to you (if you haven’t read it already, that is!). Keep up the great work. Your story is very inspiring.


polly April 13, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Thanks Jill – i shall certainly check it out ;o)


Cristina | Positively Beauty April 15, 2012 at 7:42 am

Hi Polly, I read Anita’s book a few weeks ago and I too found it amazing – she writes her truth in such a simple – yet powerful – way.
It’s a book I’ll come back to many times – certainly every time I need a reminder to be rather than do. x


Karen April 20, 2012 at 3:57 pm

Hi Polly,
What a great book this is. I read it a little over a month ago and I, too, couldn’t put it down. I should probably read excerpts from the book each week to keep myself on track. So easy to fall back into the do-ing rather than the be-ing. :)
All the best to you, Karen


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