Gabrielle Bernstein Rockin The UK!

by Polly N on April 23, 2012

To kick off my new segment “Meaningful Monday” I want to introduce you to someone that certainly knows how to live meaningfully and mindfully which allows her to manifest continuously and in doing so motivate and move many people to live a better life. That’s a lotta M’s right there! Meet Gabrielle Bernstein. I don’t remember exactly how I came to discover her but I’m sure glad I did! This woman is kicking ass in the world of self help and I want you to know who she is as she’s coming to the UK and I don’t want you to miss out! (P.S. I was super chuffed to see that she happened to be in the same edition of Glamour Mag as me back in November! C.H.U.F.F.E.D)

Hailed as the “new Marianne Williamson” Gabby’s edgy and cool-cat style is attracting attention from everywhere, including the Forbes list of the 20 Best Branded Women on which she features. I attended Gabby’s online group coaching a few months ago where you listen in live to the weekly lectures or play it back at your convenience and I have to say that I got a lot from it and return to the lessons she’s teaching time and time again. I love that she shares her own personal anecdotes of the things that happen in her everyday life that could just as easily happen to you or I, like crazy drivers cutting her up and how she deals with that. Because stuff like that happens all the time and knowing how to deal with it without compromising our own health and sanity but most of all with love, is important! I also like the fact that she occasionally drops a swear word as I too am partial to a bit of self-expression from time to time! She’s real and that’s what we can all relate to.

Like me, she too has visited John of God and she’s going to be speaking about it on Hay House Radio on 25th April (I think that’s the date so please do check) so if you’re keen to know more about him then tune in or read my posts about him and my experiences here.

Gabby teaches a modern interpretation of A Course In Miracles, which if you have ever tried to read, you will know that it’s heavy duty and sometimes takes several reads of a paragraph to get the true meaning. Which is why I love that she breaks it down for us, relates it to personal situations that happen to her and others so that we can learn to break our fear-based habits and bullshit beliefs that are running our lives. Everyday I learn to surrender more and more in order to release the blocks preventing me from being my authentic self and be free of my mind and the patterns that have been running the show. And it’s a constant work in progress.

Gabrielle’s book Spirit Junkie, which I read a few months ago has some great tools for helping you to bust through all of the blocks, take a “detour from fear” so that you can be happy. Because who doesn’t want that?!

So the great news is that she’s coming to the UK and I highly recommend you get yourself a space. I know I will be there to get my Spirit Junkie ON! Check out her UK tour here.

P.P.S Thank you Gabby for stepping into your power and sharing your spiritual journey.

Have you read any of Gabrielle’s books before or seen any of her youtube videos? Tell me in the comments below as I would love to know if there are any other Spirit Junkie fans out there?

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Isabel O'Connor April 23, 2012 at 10:15 am

Thanks for posting this on Facebook Polly – Sunday 3rd June booked. So excited that Gabby will be in the UK.

For anyone who has not read Spirit Junkie. Do. It will save you from you.

Best, Isabel


Merja April 23, 2012 at 4:01 pm

I have read both of Gabby’s books and often listen her meditations. Her lectures have definitely helped me to slowly start to trust my inner voice more and more. It is so wonderful that she is coming to London and I can’t wait that I’m able to see and feel all that amazing energy.


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