John of God – In Perspective – Part 1

by Polly N on April 10, 2012

It feels like a long time ago that I last posted and while in reality it has only been a few weeks, a lot has happened but I have no idea how to put my experience of Brazil and visiting Casa de Dom Inacio into words. But just for you, I will try! If you’re not up to date on who the healer John of God is, then check this out.

So I arrive on the Monday after a 24 hour journey of an 11hour flight from London to Sao Paolo, a 6 hour stopover and then an hour’s flight to Brasilia and a 1.5 hour drive to Abadiania. Needless to say I was knackered when I arrived and so ready for bed! Little did I know just how much time I would be spending in my bed over the coming 2 week stay! No! Not like that – I’m talking silent lonely bed jail. That evening I met the rest of the people in the group I was in which consisted of about 15 in total. I immediately hit it off with a gorgeous bubbly ‘girl next door’ (her words not mine and you’ll see why later!) called Amethyst. She’s from New York and just so happened to be a certified Raw food instructor trained with Alissa Cohen so as you can imagine we had plenty to talk about! The following day we had our induction with Mama Hen and group guide Josie RavenWing. There was a lot of information to take in about the protocols, what to do, what not to do, where to go and when so it was at that point I was grateful for having booked with a guide. I would have been clueless of what to do when, especially due to the language barrier.

The Casa is open all week so you are free to peruse the gardens or sit in the main hall but John of God is only there for healing Wednesday through Friday. It’s a complicated process for a newbie, so let me try and explain this in the simplest way possible.

There’s the main hall, ‘current room 1’, ‘current room 2’ and the ‘operating room’. The current room is where you go to meditate but there are pretty strict guidelines (which I kinda broke – oooops!) which I shall get to in Part 2. So if you have never seen John of God ever before then the first morning you will be in Line 1. There is also Line 2 for those that have seen him before and want to see him again and/or are having a revision of what else their body requires post surgery that they will have had a week prior.

I’ve never been a patient person but boy did I have to learn it there! To get a seat in the main hall, before the lines were called, you’d have to arrive around 7am (at least our group did as we were told to get as close to the door to the stage as possible). Those that are there to meditate and ‘sit in current’ arrive between 7am and 7.45am when they are allowed in to take their seats. Some people prefer to sit in a particular spot so will get there early to secure their place. I did this on my last day as up until that point I hadn’t sat in current (at least not successfully) and wanted to ensure I had a corner seat next to a wall where I could prop my pillow. But often nothing would happen until around 9am, sometimes later. So many mornings we would sit there patiently waiting (read sitting on uncomfortable chairs sweating our asses off) for 2 hours until John of God was “in entity” and ready to commence session. (In entity simply means that a spirit had incorporated his body.) Again, if you want to read more about this, check out this post. 

Here’s a video showing the number of people who rock up daily to the Casa to see John of God. As you can see it’s a lot and many of them stand for the duration of the calling of the lines.

So whichever line gets called first, as it isn’t always in order, you form an orderly queue and proceed in silence away from the main hall, through the current rooms to where John of God sits at the end of them. My first experience standing in front of him was fleeting. As I approached him, Mama Hen, Josie told me he was taking hands and to hold out my right hand which I did. As I stood before him, he took my hand with his left and with his right hand scribbled an ‘X’ on a piece of paper and mumbled something in Portugese which meant that I was to return to the Casa that afternoon for invisible surgery. It was over in a second on which time I tried to stare into his eyes because they say the colour of them change depending on which entity is incorporated. Freaky huh!

Invisible surgery is a weird thing. You sit in the operating room, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and allow the entities to work their magic. They can apparently perform 9 surgeries per person at one time although not everyone can handle so much work. Some people feel tingling, some feel pain, some, like me feel nothing. It’s very hard to believe that something is actually going on because no-one is physically cutting into you and I personally bounced right out of the operation room feeling fine! But on the final day when I was in the ‘bye bye’ line saying bye to John of God, I walked through the 3rd room to see one of the ladies from my group having a very strange experience during her operation. Her eyes were shut, she was sat still on the bench but her right arm was having spasms, literally. It was flying all over the place, as though it was separate from her body and having an epileptic fit yet the rest of her body was completely still. Afterwards, she had to be held up and walked back to her room for her bed rest as she did not look well. In fact she didn’t even look like she was in this world as her eyes were almost in the back of her head. It’s stuff like this that remove any doubt from my mind that healing work is being done as there is no other way to explain what I witnessed.

The hardest thing post surgery is that you have to go straight to bed and not speak, write, watch movies or listen to music for 24 hours. Silent bed rest! This is difficult when you’re feeling peachy but when the spiritual anaesthesia which is apparently given to you to prevent too much pain wears off, then you start to feel the effects which I certainly did and you start to feel grateful for the bed rest. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of prtocols that must be followed; for example, once you get out of surgery, you then must stay out of direct sunlight for 7 days so you have to walk with an umbrella everywhere. You can’t have sex with yourself or others for 40 days (yup this one sucks!), and while you’re on the post surgery herbs you can’t consume black pepper, chilli pepper or alcohol. (So that’ll be me sober at the next 3 weddings this summer!)

Here’s a video a few days after my first invisible surgery – my throat is sore, scratchy and speaking is pretty difficult. Needless to say I think the entities will have worked on my neck and throat area where the cancerous lumps have been. (I like to use past tense just incase you’re confused as to whether I am with or without cancer.)

When I first arrived, despite having travelled over 6000 miles, spent 24 hours and over £1000 to get there, my mind began to look for ways that I was being conned and how this whole thing might be a big pile of crap. Because of course there are negative things written about John of God on the internet (but then again there’s negative stuff about me on the internet and all I’m doing is trying to heal my body and educate people how to be healthier!! I have learned you’ll never please everyone!) From what I learned while I was out there, John of God has been through hell, including being thrown in jail and persecuted for being chosen as a vessel to help heal humanity.

Believe me, I know that reading what he does and how raises many many mind-boggling questions which I honestly can’t answer. Before my surgery I began to question whether I could really be helped and healed. And I think this is only natural. Our mind doesn’t like things we can’t explain and when you deal with another realm that the majority of us can’t access at will, we question it’s validity. But what I can attest to is the way I felt when I was there, my experience of sitting in current vibing on the energy, the aches, the pains, the sore neck post invisible surgery. There’s no other way for me to explain the way I felt and the changes in my face which are visible on these videos.

Everyone feels differently about this kind of work and this man and people like him but I heard many many stories while I was there about people he had healed of many diseases. I never thought that I would do anything like this and it was a very last minute and random trip for me but I’m glad I went. It was an experience and that’s what life is all about right?

Keep an eye out for Part 2….

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Anjali April 20, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Polly, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience with John of God. I had been hitting a wall of confusion and frustration around my health…this reminded me of the power of spirit/energy/love to create miracles…to split open the “stuck” mindsets that prevent me from healing. My whole body is lit up with appreciation!


polly April 20, 2012 at 10:33 pm

What a lovely email thankyou! It makes it all so much more worthwhile to know you all are benefitting ;o) Love to you.x


jennifer October 14, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Polly i have just found your website you make me laugh you are so funny in a good way i feel better for reading your story about john of god.



Paula Grant May 3, 2013 at 3:26 am

Where is Part 2?


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