12 Ways to Detox Today

by Polly N on May 18, 2012

Knowing where to start when getting healthy can be somewhat of a challenge if you’re completely new to the concept of detox. Detoxification is nothing new however – our bodies have been doing it since the day we were born. Detoxification is one of the body’s most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. However, with the number of chemicals and pollutants swimming around in our food, air and water supply, our bodies get overworked and need a helping hand.

So here are 12 things you can do today to help clean up your inner ecosystem without having to embark on a massive cleanse. Just start with one thing and work your way up. And don’t stress it!

1. Go green – Adding more greens to your diet, whether eating or juicing them will help to alkalise your body, send much needed nutrients to your cells for cleansing, repair and regeneration not to mention replenishing those all important red blood cells. Here are some juicing ideas.

2. Get brushing – Sloughing off dead skin cells with a dry skin brush helps to get the lymphatic system moving and move toxins out of the body. Let’s not ignore the fact that it can also help reduce cellulite!

3. Get high on H20 – Drinking enough water everyday is super important in staying hydrated and helping to flush out toxins and impurities so swap the soda for water!

4. Herb it up – Adding herbs like coriander, parsley and watercress to your meals or juices is an easy way to help rid the body of toxins. Watercress is especially good at energising cleansing enzymes in the liver.

5. Move your ass – Yup, exercise, exercise. Shaking your booty whether it be dancing away to your fave tunes, jumping on the rebounder, getting your downward dog on or going for a run helps to get the lymph moving and gets you sweating it out!

6. Breathe deep – According to the ‘Tao of Breathing’ up to 70% of our body’s waste products are eliminated via our lungs and the rest through the urine, skin and feces. So when we shallow breathe, less oxygen is available to our cells which slows down the flow of blood carrying waste from the kidneys and lungs.

7. Get your enema on – I am a big fan of cleansing the colon whether it be through enemas which you can do at home or visiting a colon hydrotherapist. Check out how to do an enema here.

8. Fibre Frenzy – By adding sufficient fibre to your diet, you naturally help to cleanse the colon as it works as an internal sweep helping to remove any undigested food from your intestines. Chia seeds are great for this. 

9. Hot’n Cold Hydrotherapy – By switching the water in your shower from hot to cold and back again a few times, you help to wake up the lymphatic system, boost the immune system and increase detoxification.

10. Turn that frown upside down – Smiling can completely change your internal system. Even though you may not feel like smiling, by doing so, it helps to reduce stress and gradually change your mood. Stress is super toxic for the body, creates acidity and can prevent our body from carrying out its important functions so crack us a smile!

11. Dump the junk – Removing addictive foods such as refined sugars, processed foods, drugs and alcohol will help to improve your body’s pH  and help normalise your internal ecosystem. The internal state of our body is massively overlooked and what you put into your body plays a major role in the level of health you experience. If there is substance abuse involved, checking into Ohio inpatient detoxification centers or other similar facilities in the country may be necessary.

12. Get your RAW on – I am big on raw food and encourage everyone to eat more of it purely because whole plant-based foods in their raw form are packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are essential for optimal health. This means your body gets the best of what the food has to offer, while the enzymes help to digest the food for you, freeing up your body’s energy to carry out its normal functions such as detox, repair and cell regeneration leaving you to expereince the best health ever!

What are your favourite ways to detox?

If you fancy having a go at a 48 hour juice fast, check out my ebook Clarity Cleanse.

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Susan May 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Great post, your clarity cleanse is the best Polly. I felt so well after I did it.


Jessica Nazarali (@JessicaNazarali) May 20, 2012 at 11:41 pm

I’m planning on doing a juice fast in the lead up to my wedding! At the moment I drink a juice every day but I’ve never done a cleanse.


Dale Wright May 29, 2012 at 11:42 am

Hi Polly,

Thank you for all the information you generously supply us with and all the time you devote to get us on a healthier path. The look and feel of your website are too very motivating.

I read your updates often, but this is the first time I decided to leave a comment. I was very much enjoying reading each tip, however it sounded very familiar to something I have already read a while back.

Only today I finally remembered where I read it and as of now I found that article here http://www.betterraw.com/2010/12/11-ways-to-get-detoxing-today.html

I was very surprised at how similar you made yours sound. Please don’t take it the wrong way, I very much enjoy reading your articles and do not in any way wish to discourage you from writing, but I do feel every original author must be credited accordingly and hope to see you doing more of it.

Love and light,


polly May 29, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Hi Dale, thanks so much for leaving a comment-your feedback is much appreciated. I can assure you that you’ll often find articles like this that are similar purely because of the punchy title like 12 top tips to…etc and these are just the ones I live by. Tanya’s a good friend of mine and she too has written a great article. Thanks for bringing my attention to it but I think there’s plenty if cyberspace for two informative articles like this ;o)


Marjie October 16, 2013 at 6:08 pm

Hi Polly,
What are your suggestions for skin brushing? what kind of brush should I buy, and when should I do it? I’ve heard pre-shower. any specific areas to focus on, or kind of brush everything? :) Also, I’ve recently tried chlorypyll for blood purification/detox. do you also do this, and if so, do you recommend it? I’ve been adding a little bit to my green juices. thank you!


polly October 16, 2013 at 7:43 pm

I’ve written a whole chapter of how to do this in my book The Cancer Journey which is available in ebook, paperback or kindle – brush from the extremeties, ie fingers hands, feet, up towards the heart in the long sweeps. A brush like this is what i use and suggest http://www.detox.me/shop/dry-body-brush?___store=detox_me&___store=detox_me&gclid=CKiJ9o-OnLoCFY_KtAodCk4Acw I juice greens yes because of the chlorophyll but haven’t added chlorohpyll as a manufactured item no?


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