Friday Focus: Abigail James, Holistic Therapist & Skincare Specialist

by Polly N on August 24, 2012

I first discovered the gorgeous Abigail James back this summer when I visited her for the most amazingly relaxing, soothing and healing facial I have ever had. Her approach to skincare is natural and takes a whole health approach to her work. Like me, she is of the opinion that how we live our lives and what we eat, plays a huge role in how we look and the vibrancy of our skin. Although a super busy lady, I managed to score 10 minutes with her for a quick interview for you to enjoy.

Describe yourself in a tweet
Loving Mother, silly dancer, Steel butterfly with magic hands n a nerdy nature for skin, health and products.
What inspired you to start a career as a facialist? Have you always wanted to do this?
I started life in the food industry, had a career change when i had my first baby 14 years ago and went off to night school to learn beauty. I have kept learning and working in the industry since. It was never a conscious decision to become a facialist but specialising in quite unique forms of massage, clients requesting me for face work and a nerdy interest in products lead me in that direction.
What’s your philosophy on how you live your life and how it affects the body?
Balance! having in the past personally experienced, stress, depression and eating disorders and come out healthy in mind and body it teaches you excess in any direction is unhealthy. Wellbeing is a balance of mental and physical we are so fortunate to live in a time when there is so much knowledge and understanding on health, nutrition and therapies at hand to make it possible.
 What’s the most common skin complaint that you see with your clients and what do you find is the main cause of it? 
Adult acne, which there are many factors that can aggravate but root causes are often stress, hormones, lifestyle and diet. Not one of these on their own but an accumulation.
What 3 things can someone do right now, to improve the look and feel of their skin?
  • Cleanse twice a day, take a skin supplement such as inner me for skin. Book in for a regular facial, don’t underestimate the benefits, we don’t go to the gym once and expect a body like a goddess, it is the same with the face, regular is key.
Now I happened to notice that you have the most amazing skin, so can you tell us your daily skin regime secrets?
I am always trying new products, but my staple routine is morning, facial wash, serum, eye product and moisturiser, then apply a liquid mineral foundation. I try to green juice every morning with a skin supplement and see this as part of my skincare routine. In the evening I will double cleanse with a balm or cream then a facial wash, serum followed by an oil or advanced treatment cream. Once a week I do a mask usually with AHA’s in to brighten, I try and fit in a monthly top up LED treatment, organic skin peel and once every 2 months a skin needling. I massage my skin daily I think this is really important. Occasionally I try other treatments and am always looking for new products and or equipment that works with my philosophy.
What tips do have you for achieving a glowing complexion, especially throughout the winter months?
Don’t over do the heavy moisturisers without a good cleanser, it’s very easy to go too heavy and over clog the skin making it dull.
A course of Organic skin peels, they are just amazing at brightening up the skin, not damaging but they really do make a huge difference to skin texture, luminosity, and brightness.
Which are a couple of your favourite skincare brands and why?
There are So many to choose from but as brands as a whole rather than individual products. Dr. Alkaitis for its raw purity, and effectiveness probably the best organic brand out there for actually doing something to the skin.
Oskia, in the natural beauty sector these are a real luxury beauty range and smell amazing. Image skincare for results. Gazelli are a new luxury beauty range who i think you will see more of over the next year.
What are the top mistakes that people make with their skin?
Not cleansing correctly and using the same products they have since they were in their teens.
If you could get your hands on the face of any celebrity, dead or alive – who would they be?
Wow the list is endless Penelope Cruz, because she is a real natural beauty; Livia Firth for her eco philosophy and love of all things natural. Joan Collins, i think she would be a hoot and stretch my skills; Bridget Bardot, she aged gracefully without resorting to the synthetic and I love that but a touch of extra facial TLC could have staved off some of the ageing process.
What does health and happiness look like to you?
 Fresh air and food, green juices, My children, a glass of wine, laughter, open spaces, under a tree or by the sea, chocolate, someone to love and be loved.
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Mel August 25, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Wow, what struck me most was this: we don’t go to the gym once and expect a body like a goddess, it is the same with the face, regular is key.

I was suddenly like d’uh! [Ive been having a few of those moments recently!] I keep saying I will have a facial maybe I will get around to booking it! Thanks for sharing!

p.s What is considered a ‘good skin supplement’?


polly August 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

You’re welcome! I don’t take skin supplements myself but there’s a good selection here


Elika Kormeili August 31, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Polly-I love the site. You have great information. I am also a holistic therapist and health coach (I special in helping people who need to make lifestyle changes due to health problem i.e. food allergies, diabetes, chronic fatigue, etc). Keep up the great work and let me know if you would be interested in doing a guest blog for my site!


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