Friday Focus: What to feed man’s best friend

by Polly N on August 10, 2012

A few months ago I bought a new puppy. Well actually I ended up with two. I went with my parents to get a Maltipoo (Maltese poodle cross) and we came back with the two that were left. So we now have 2 puppies to add to our brood. My parents already have Harry, a Bichon Frise and Gracie, a King Charles Cavalier, adopted from a friend a few years ago. Harry is the last man standing from his Mum and 4 brothers and sisters and is now knocking on 15. My Mum, who he is devoted to has cooked chicken everyday for her dogs for those 15 years but having seen the inconvenience of doing so myself, I decided that I wanted to feed my puppy Mimi a raw diet as I had heard cooked food really isn’t very healthy for dogs. I mean, if you think about it, dogs in the wild eat raw meat – you don’t see them killing their prey and sitting round a bonfire to make sure it’s fully cooked! So I began to research a healthier way forward in terms of the pups diet and discovered raw dog food. As it turns out, my friend Verity has also just switched her dogs food to raw and below she shares why and what food she chooses for her beloved dog Snoopy.



Okay so it’s not the Peanuts cartoon character but my very own Snoopy Spaniel (working cocker for those that want more detail). When went on my Juicemaster retreat in Turkey I had a lightbulb moment, or probably more of a DOH! moment a la Homer Simpson (it’s a cartoon filled post this one) about the way I feed Snoopy:

I was talking to a lovely lady named Julie who was telling me about her dog and it’s skin complaints and how she had cured it by changing the dog’s food to a raw diet.

As she was talking it became completely obvious that my beloved Snoops should be on this – eat the way I have been doing; our human family have been on a no processed, wholefood diet since my cancer diagnosis, but there I was still feeding Snoopy kibble (albeit it organic, oh dear)

It makes so much sense. When do you see wild dogs and other animals eating wheat and cooked food?

I’ve seen the positive effects that eating a mainly plant based and often raw diet does for us so why not go back to basics for one of my best friends (I know  – I’m completely daft for my dog but aren’t we all?) When I returned from Turkey I had a look on the Internet for “raw food for dogs” and came across the lovely named “Honeys Real Dog Food”

As I was reading their information and ethos I was nodding my head and couldn’t wait to get on the phone to them – they prefer to have contact with the owners on the phone; it’s more personal. I loved the fact that the people working at Honeys are obviously as bonkers about dogs as I am.

Honeys aren’t just about selling their product to you; they will give you recipes to create your own raw dog food, get you to talk to their resident vet expert if you have a poorly dog, and supply you with more information than you could throw a stick at about feeding your dog. They will ring and check to see how you and your dog are getting on with the new diet and any questions they will answer for you.

Honeys deliver the pre-prepared meat and veg in 500g “sausages” for you to put in the freezer, I take Snoopy’s out in the morning ready for his supper then portion it up. They let you know exactly how much to feed your dog depending on weight and breed.

As I am daft about Snoopy I loved the fact that they want to know all about him, in his case, he’s a working dog by breed but hasn’t lifted a paw for a day’s real work all his life! This means that from Honeys he has a “out of season working dogs” combo. Whatever your dogs breed and situation they seem to be able to cater for it. There are obviously other providers of Raw Dog food out there, I’m just doing as I always do, speaking from experience.

It would seem that pet food manufacturers have been upto the same as big pharma, brainwashing us into thinking that theirs is the only way. Whilst Snoopy (at nearly 8) has no apparent medical problems I still think that he is already benefiting from this new but ancient natural way of eating. He just seems, well, more content to me.

We give him raw bones and raw carrots which he loves, and occasionally has some raw egg, oily fish & homemade oat biscuits.
I’m still to get him onto raw chicken wings, but as I’ve discovered he doesn’t like it straight from the fridge. I also get to put some of the veggie pulp from my juicer into his food for a little more fibre.

We are on the verge of putting my parents’ King Charles Spaniel on a raw diet, although he does this himself when he finds a rotting rabbit carcass! He really enjoyed the liver that Snoopy didn’t eat the other night, so we’ll give it go; he’s never been particularly impressed with kibble.

I’ve since found out some fascinating but slightly weird facts about a dogs system since my revelation in Turkey:

Snoopy always bolted his food down in a flash which we were always trying to stop him at – why? You ask, well I don’t know really, but now it all makes sense if you go back to their behaviour in the wild – they couldn’t hang around eating politely after a kill as someone else would nick it!

In humans our digestion starts in our mouth which is why our jaws can move to grind food, in dogs however this just takes place in their stomachs. Their stomachs are scarily good which enables them to consume raw bones (NEVER cooked bones) and all sorts of dead and rotting matter (hope you haven’t just eaten!)

More dog factoids:

Please remember that dogs can be poisoned by chocolate, onions, grapes, sultanas and macadamia nuts.

If your dog has cancer (or you) I strongly recommend you purchase Ian Gawler’s “You can conquer cancer” which is mostly about cancer in humans but has a very good bit at the end about diet for curing cancer in dogs naturally. Ian Gawler had stage IV cancer in the seventies (and is still around!) and was a practising vet.

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