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by Polly N on September 5, 2012

Exercise is: ……………………..

If you inserted a negative word there, then prepare to have your preconceptions challenged! Personally I think exercise should be fun, enjoyable and as easy as possible to get started with at anytime of the day.

If you agree, then you will be interested to hear about barre3 online workouts– created by entrepreneur and super hot Mum of 2, Sadie Lincoln.

What are barre3 workouts?

Each workout is designed to shape, lift and tone your entire body and make the perfect at-home workout! They are low impact and focus on isometric contractions and controlled actions in the body to train the body tall and improve posture for long-term results.

What benefits have people encountered from practicing barre3?

Clients have literally measured taller after taking barre3 classes as well as losing inches around their waists, hips, thighs, and upper arms! Barre3 really does shape and lift the entire body. Check out real success stories here.

Is barre3 suitable for everyone?

Yes, there are workouts for new mums and many pregnant women practice barre3 after consulting with their doctor. Barre3 workouts are suitable for every fitness level, co-ordinated or not!

Do I need a lot of time to work out using barre3?

Not at all!  Barre3 online workouts range from 10-60 minutes and are totally flexible. You can squeeze in a mini workout before work or even close your office door in your lunch break and get busy! Check out the range of video workouts to choose from.

I am loving these workouts especially as all I have to do is log into my computer and click play. It really couldn’t be easier. And I am super excited because they are kindly giving each new subscriber a code which provides you with access to any of the 35 online workout videos to use as much as you want for 15 days. (The promo code must be redeemed by November 1st.)

Just jump on the list below to get your special promo code coming out later this week and be sure to enter it when subscribing.


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