Essential Oils for Beginners

by Polly N on November 16, 2012

Thanks to Jenn Rowland, I am learning a whole heap of stuff about essential oils and loving it. Thank you Jenn for breaking this down into digestible chunks making it easy to understand. Check out Jenn’s other posts on How to get started with essential oils and What you need to know about essential oils.
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Essential Oils for Beginners

Now that we’ve covered purity, potency and how to use the oils, it’s time to get them on and in us!  Let’s start with Lemon. This is the most-used oil in our home and you’ll see why as you keep reading.



This amazing oil boosts the immune system, helps with lymphatic drainage, and helps maintain an alkaline state within body. It gets rid of acid, creates glutathione (in the liver), and helps cleanse and detoxify the liver. Lemon also helps eat away plaque from veins and arteries and is antioxidant to help stop cancer cell growth. It is antidepressant, antiseptic and antifungal.


Some of our family’s experiences with Lemon

My husband suffered from heartburn/acid reflux for 15 years, and basically lived on OTC antacids until he ended up with kidney stones. Then he went to OTC acid reducers but we knew he couldn’t do that forever. He then tried the doTERRA Lemon oil and found it completely took care of the problem – four drops in the morning and four at night, and no more heartburn! Over time, he’s been able to reduce that amount and can even skip a day.  I’ve given the Lemon to friends who are pregnant who’ve said the results are instant – the perfect solution that is safe for both mom and baby.

Lemon is always the first defense when someone seems to be getting sick. It goes right under the tongue (and tastes good), in water or in a capsule, several times a day.  It’s also good to use preventatively – just a few drops under the tongue (or on the bottom of the feet for little ones) will help keep balance in the body and keep germs at bay.

Since Lemon is antiseptic, I put several drops into a glass spray bottle with water and use it to clean in the kitchen – spray countertops and stove tops and even to mop the floor.  We’ve used it to remove oil-based paint from skin and clothing (some fabrics) and to get permanent marker, ink or crayon off of walls or other surfaces.  It also takes the sticky-ness from band-aids, stickers or tape off of skin or other surfaces.

We also diffuse Lemon to help with mood. All citrus oils are uplifting and we find they make a huge difference when we diffuse them regularly. They just make us happy!


As I began this post, my intention was to discuss several oils but I quickly realized there was no way I could fit everything there is to know in just one post. I chose Lemon because it is the oil we use most in our home. It is one of the least expensive oils (10 USD wholesale) which is a good thing because we go through 2-3 bottles/month! If you’d like any further info on this or any other doTERRA oils, feel free to contact me anytime. doTERRA is an international company so wherever you are in the world, I can help you get these CPTG oils into your home and get your family on the way to being healthier and happier!

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