Healthy focus – how to stay in shape for 2013

by Polly N on January 31, 2013

Guest post

A New Year usually means a new start, and this is almost certainly the case for many people looking to get in shape after carrying a few extra pounds from gorging themselves on food and drink during Christmas and the New Year. At the start of the year, many people promise they’ll get in shape but never back it up, but this year is the right time to live up to your word.


Staying in shape is useful for so many reasons. You’re able to get around with no problems; are less likely to get out of breath after an intense workout session; are less prone to illness or injury, plus there’s the fact you can fit into more clothes if you stay trim! So, you might wonder how you can get fit for 2013. Here’s how:

  • Eat healthily. This is a no-brainer, but by staying away from junk food in favour of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and lean meat (or other sources of protein if you’re vegetarian or vegan), it could help you to keep your weight down. Staying away from processed food is important too, as you never know what you might end up eating.
  • Keep hydrated. When exercising, this is vital. The more water you have before and after a workout, the less likely you are to succumb to dehydration or sleeping problems, which can damage your health. Avoid sugary drinks too if you can help it, as they can cause weight gain.
  • Exercise regularly. The third part of the ‘holy trinity’ of fitness, without the other two, exercising could be meaningless. Some things you could do every day include walking, jogging, playing a sport or going to your nearest gym. It works for me!

If you’re out of shape, you could find yourself being subject to illness and injury, both of which could put you out of action for weeks, months or even years at a time. If you have to go to hospital, you don’t want to spend too long waiting to be seen by a doctor or nurse.

According to a story on, some patients end up waiting more than four hours in the accident and emergency department of their local hospital before they get the medical attention they need. I don’t want to go through that, and I guess you don’t either. Getting into shape will reduce the risk of you needing to go to hospital in the first place, so you know what to do!


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