Video: The Hidden Cost of Milk

by Polly N on February 12, 2013

I have shared with you a lot of information on why I am not a fan of milk and why you should jump on my bandwagon. To summarise what my post says here, it’s very pro-inflammatory which aggravates chronic diseases from arthritis to Crohn’s to heart disease to cancer; it’s extremely acidic and is often full of chemicals and hormones.

Here’s a great video on the hidden costs of milk and why you should avoid consuming it. Please share this post to educate others why milk is not healthy for us and why making your own nut milk is a much healthier option. Check out how to make your own nut milk here.

Please share this video with your friends and family, especially if they have an illness of some kind.

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Mandeep February 14, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Hi Polly, Great work! What about Organic milk, is that any better? And dont nuts contain harmful Phytic acid if they’re not blanched?. Also from the stats i’ve seen, most nuts apart from Macademia’s have a poor Omega 3-6 ratio, so in large quantities like nut milk, would that not make it inflammatory due to the high n6?.


polly February 19, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Mmm, organic milk will hopefully be better than non-organic but you can never be sure with factory farming and the appalling conditions some animals are kept in. I don’t know the exact stats re 3-6 ratio off the top of my head but nut milk will certainly be healthier than ordinary milk even with a higher ratio of omega 6.


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