How juice cleansing can transform your life

by Polly N on March 8, 2013

I have undertaken many juice feasts over the last 7 years since my first cancer diagnosis aged 24 and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one for different reasons. The major bonus of the majority of juice feasts that I have done have been that I was able to do so abroad, somewhere tropical and sunny with breathtaking views (which makes it even more magical and enjoyable)!  There are many benefits of giving your body a break from digesting food such as improved sleep, better skin, weight loss, less aches and pains and much much more.


Of course, all of these benefits are wonderful and the feeling you experience at the end of the feast is absolutely magnificent. You feel like you have a brand new body (which you kind of do as many of your body parts regenerate over varying periods of time) and you feel like you can conquer anything. It feels like there are no limits and the possibilities of how you can improve and create the life you want are endless. That feeling alone is priceless! I don’t know about you but I find that incredibly exciting! Humans seem to have an extraordinary ability to limit themselves and the lack in self-belief and self-worth is so debilitating. If that is something you suffer from, then juice feasting could be just what you need to help you realise the incredible human being that you are!

Aside from the physical benefits, taking time out to do a juice cleanse is a major catalyst for change and a powerful agent for growth. Just taking a few days out to turn off your computer, put down your phone and reconnect with yourself is transformative. Harnessing the relationship you have with yourself is the single most loving thing you can do so turning everything off and turning inwards will help you to harness that place within yourself where possibilities and power are endless.


I often take several days out to juice feast as it speeds up my body’s ability to heal which is important for me as I live with cancer and I must take the necessary steps to support my body and it’s innate knowledge. I will often choose to do a juice cleanse either at the beginning or at the end of a massive project. Many people will juice cleanse when they are facing a major life decision or are ending or beginning a new phase of their life. Can you relate to this? For me, it massively increases my productivity allowing me to work on several projects at once (which is common for me at the moment! See “The Noble Kitchen” logo on the right) but more than anything, it increases my creativity and my ability to keep evolving and growing as a person, a coach, an author and speaker.

Whatever life pickle you are currently traversing at the moment, juice feasting could be just what you need for a boost of positivity, reflection, new perspective and a spring in your step!

I’ll be holding daily sessions teaching you about how to be as healthy as possible while living your busy life. Topics will include:

  • Detoxing safely at home; fasting, mono-meals, enemas & implants
  • The 1 “M” that you don’t know about that is causing you ill-health
  • How to cultivate self love and why it’s so important for health & happiness
  • How to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts and inspired action
  • How to rid yourself of bad habits and prevent self-sabotage
  • Your personal guide to easy food shopping, planning ahead for you & your family & setting yourself up for successful healthy eating.

Come to Turkey with me. We’ll hang out, drink juice in the sun, meditate, talk all things health and get you feeling brand spanking new again. Want to feel refreshed and raring to go? Check out the details here. Plus if you book your place up to 6weeks before the retreat start date, you get £100 off! And the first 3 people to book, will receive a free massage. Woop! Want it? Me too! Come to Turkey.


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