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by Polly N on May 24, 2013

Guest post by Emma Carey

It’s not unusual to feel stuck in a rut with the routine of daily life, or to not know which way to jump when you have an important decision to make. Sometimes our problems can seem overwhelming and it’s all too easy to bury our heads in the sand. Although most of us have a confidante to talk things through with, sometimes it’s really great if you can get a fresh perspective on the issues that are bothering you by talking to someone you don’t know.


Although you may not have considered the idea before now, turning to psychic mediums for help in making life-changing decisions allows you to see your life situation from a different viewpoint. Having a reading with a medium isn’t just about contacting the spirits of those who have died, it can be used to analyse all kinds of aspects of your life.

In a way, having a psychic reading is a kind of counselling. Those people who try it often find it an uplifting and empowering experience as it allows them to express their emotions and gain reassurance in their life. Even if you are sceptical about psychics and mediums, as long as you keep an open mind there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get something out of the experience even if it just means talking through your problems.

So what should you expect from a reading and how should you prepare for it? First, only you will know what you’re hoping to find the answer to through a reading, so write down the questions that you want answered. Time during a reading passes very quickly, and you don’t want the session to end without covering areas that you feel are important. Remember that this is not a test in any way. Go into it feeling relaxed and comfortable so that you will be able to get the most out of the reading time.

Don’t expect the reader to tell you what decisions you should make. They can’t tell you what is going to happen, but by helping you to analyse your life situation and understanding how you got to where you are today, a reading can predict the most likely outcome if you don’t take action to change things. This is where psychic readings can really help. They set out your future as it stands, so that you can decide whether that sounds like the future you want or whether you should start making decisions to change it.

Of course, a psychic reading isn’t for everyone and it’s important to research all your options to decide which route is for you. Whether you decide to talk to those closest to you, seek professional therapy or go down the spiritual route, at the very least, being able to share your problems and seek guidance is an important step in getting the support you need. Just remember that you are not alone, and there is always someone out there who can help you.

Have you ever seen a psychic or medium and what was your experience? Tell me in the comment below!

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Chloé Elizabeth May 24, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Hi Emma/Polly,
I have actually had a reading done twice in the past 7 or so years. Even though I have only had 2, I have found them both to be extremely insightful at a stressful/difficult time. The most recent one however, was done through email and I wondered how you felt about this approach? I am also quite conscious of how to ask the questions as you don’t want to relay too much information in 1 question. Would you agree? Surprisingly to me, the email reading was more or less spot on, so much so when reading it I felt teary eyed (although I was very stressed out at the time!) but it shocked me as to how to the heart it felt. I am keen to do one again as I am very unsure about my future and what direction I am going in, my partner and are at a ‘crossroads’ with our careers and location and I feel a reading can give you some reassurance and perspective as you say. The reason I chose the reading by email is because it was easier for me at the time rather than going to see the psychic but please let me know your thoughts on readings by email and whether they are still worth while. Thanks :)


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