Review: A Passion for Raw Chocolate by Ooosha

by Polly N on May 23, 2013

My good friend Amy Levin is a fantastic raw food chef and has worked all over the world strutting her extraordinary culinary style. I first met Amy at her Raw Chocolate class in 2011 as was blown away by what she knows about chocolate and raw food in general! You can read about my experience at her class here and check out the photos of the delicious chocolate we made.

Amy has just released her first ebook and she kindly sent me a copy for me to review for Polly’s Path.



Passion for Raw Chocolate covers the fundamentals of precise chocolate making and covers tempering, what chocolate moulds to use, how to make white, milk and dark chocolate, a chart of different sweeteners that can be used, how to make coloured chocolate (very cool!), how to create textures and various aromas as well as her ‘signature’ chocolate recipes. (Trust me, these are not to be missed!)

I loved the book because everything is explained very clearly and gives you different options of what to make. I opted for the milk chocolate recipe and added in some extras at the end for variation. It is beautifully laid out with gorgeous photos of the chocolate you are making which I always love – you HAVE to have pictures when it comes to making recipes! (And Im always disappointed with books that don’t have them as I think it makes so much difference to the reading experience.)

The book gives you a good understanding of what equipment you will need which is fairly minimal and I found it really easy to follow and very much enjoyed reading and working from it.

Here are some pictures of what I made which took me about twenty minutes. Easy! (And this wasn’t all that was made – there was much more from just 250g cacao butter.)




What’s so good about raw chocolate?

Raw chocolate, also known as cacao and pronounced, ‘ka- kow’ is considered to be the food that contains the most magnesium. It’s also extremely high in antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes which get completely destroyed in the cooking process of regular chocolate which you will find adorning the shelves in your local shop. (Let’s not forget that┬ásugar, milk, saturated, hydrogenated fats and flavourings are often added to conventional chocolate making it a less than healthy choice.) So why not switch to raw chocolate? It tastes amazing and it’s good for you!!!




I highly receommend Passion for Chocolate. To buy the book or visit Amy’s website, go here:

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