Using Australian Bush Flower Remedies For Health

by Polly N on August 19, 2013

Guest post by contributor Anna Rodgers

I’m an Aussie living in the UK and whilst I’ve always known that there are some pretty special things about the country; the weather, the down to earth people, the fact that its so darn big and can take a lifetime (and then some!) to visit all of the places, I’ve never really known Australia is home to some of the most powerful flowers on the planet.


Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) were created many years ago, in fact over 25, by its founder, Ian White, who grew up in the outback of Australia. He came from a long line of healers and herbalists, and his grandmother was the first to show him about the little understood, yet extremely powerful effects Australian plants, herbs and flowers had on the human skin, spirit and well being.  These exquisite essences are now loved by hundreds and thousands of mothers, fathers, healers and practitioners all around the globe.  With so many incredible testimonials, it causes you to think, ‘could there be something really amazing about this stuff?’

Australia has perhaps the harshest climatic conditions in the world, so the flora has evolved to withstand yet thrive in such extreme conditions (hardly any rain, intense rays of extreme heat etc) which is said to be exactly why the products are so profoundly effective for the user.   The company even offers a ‘guarantee’ that they will work on a deeper and spiritual level.

What’s unique about this range is that they treat emotional and behavioural problems, and are diagnosed by how someone feels mentally rather than physically. They can be used in the very young and right up to the elderly. They can even be used to treat pets too. Children can often display signs of emotional concerns, ie being too clingy or too aggressive, shy, etc and with ABFE, taken morning and night over two weeks with 7 drops under the tongue, parents have noticed incredible outcomes, where the behaviour goes right away and the child is much more stable and balanced. In adults, we too, suffer from many emotional problems such as loneliness, self esteem issues, fear of intimacy, anger, failure to forgive and move on, plus a whole list more.  It’s said by many quantum physics experts that ‘thoughts become things’ and that negative thoughts and behaviours can harm the health. This is why I think using something that can help heal emotional problems is so incredible for the well being of everyone because we all have underlying ‘stuff’ in our subconscious.  The remedies are in organic brandy and also happen to taste very good. Their ‘Emergency Remedy’ is one of their most popular products for helping to bring almost instant calm to a feeling from a stressful situation.

ABFE also offer some fantastic online courses and you can even do online courses and I am currently studying ‘Healthy Kids’ at the moment. It’s absolutely fascinating hearing about the history of using Flower Essences (ie they’ve been used over thousands of years in many different countries) and learning about the positive aspects a flower has on emotional behaviours.  We are covering how to have a healthy conception, why miscarriages may occur, how a traumatic birth can affect a persons entire life and personality and of course, how to treat the behavioural problems from all of these things.  It’s fascinating hearing how the kind of birth you had, can really impact how you behave later in life. Eg. If you had a birth with lots of intervention, you may end up being the sort of person that needs lots of help with things and grew up to never quite trusting themselves of being quite capable.

Australian Bush Flower Remedies is certainly a very interesting healing modality. They also have a fantastic skincare range called their ‘Love System’ which I highly recommend you look out for.

Till next time, please take care!

Anna x

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Watch the below video to listen to founder Ian White talk about the essences:


About the author of this post: Anna Rodgers

AnnaRodgersSmallAnna is also known as Miss Eco Glam, named after her website. She’s been writing about health, wellbeing and environmental stuff since 2009 and has become known for her desire to educate people about the harmful effects from environmental toxins.  She’s just finished writing her first book Toxic World, Toxic People – The Essential Guide To Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living’ which reviewers have called a ‘health and wellbeing bible’. It will be out in stores Christmas time.  Anna is also a travel writer for Yoga Magazine, and gets to visit exotic and unique places, but her most important job is as a mum to Lola, her first child.   Anna is super passionate about bringing up healthy and happy kids, and her articles really reflect this.  Her website can be found here: she’s offering her new readers a free ebook called ‘Ten Easy Ways To Become Less Toxic – FAST.

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Viviana | acleanaffair August 20, 2013 at 2:14 pm

This was a great read. Thanks Anna (and Polly!) Growing up, my grandparents were always teaching me about the many health and wellbeing benefits from plants and herbs. I wish I would have listened a little more!
Looking forward to Anna’s book later this year; sounds great!


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