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by Polly N on August 28, 2013

Heard about meditation? Yes most people have.

Tried meditation? Yes some people have….for about a MINUTE!


Nearly every person I speak to about meditation tells me they would like to learn how to do it ‘better’ which always makes me smile because us humans have a need and desire to succeed at everything and when we don’t, we automatically label whatever it it is as ‘failed.’ I ask them to clarify what they mean and they say “I CAN’T STOP MY BRAIN FROM THINKING”

Err yes, that’s probably because we have somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. PER DAY!

But what if the simple act of ‘trying’ to meditate also brought about health improvements? I don’t know for sure if it does, but I  suspect that the simple act of dedicating some precious time and space for just you, is beneficial on some level regardless of whether you’re able to make more space between your thoughts or not. 

Why do people meditate?

Because most of us want to feel peaceful, experience joy and benefit from the level of rest required for healing. (The level of rest during meditation is 4 times deeper than sleep.)

The ‘problem’ with meditation is that when ‘we’ (and I’m referring to humans in general) sit down to meditate, we often give up because ‘we’ find ourselves from thinking, ‘I can’t stop the thought’s from coming!!!!”. Well I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Meditation is a practice of experiencing stillness while being conscious and aware, effortlessly observing your thoughts, yet not engaging with them. 

For me, the space between the thoughts induces feelings of calm, peace, warmth and pure joy. It is DELICIOUS! And I want you to experience this. The great news is that you can. So if you’re in the “I tried meditation and failed” club, let’s remove all limiting thoughts of what you ‘think’ was your experience, clear the slate and start again. Cool. Ready?

Watch this video with meditation teacher and expert Tom Cronin who tells us why meditation is a powerful tool for transformation. Although I’m already a convert to this awesome practice, listening to Tom speak about the ways in which it has enriched and improved his life, has made me even more passionate about spreading this message and sitting my butt on the meditation mat more frequently.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

+ how you can activate the body’s ability to heal and repair 

+ how just doing one thing can activate the body’s restorative & rebalancing intelligence

+ the 2 feel-good mood-enhancing hormones that make you happier!

and much much more. I encourage you to check out this video and Tom’s site details below.


Connect with Tom:





Do you meditate or have you tried? Tell me in the comments below and please share this valuable info with your loved ones. Thankyou 



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Tricia August 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Hi, did I miss the free online event ? I only see details for signing up to the $297 course with Tom Cronin. many thanks, keep up the good work. Tricia


polly September 3, 2013 at 11:00 am

Tricia, im not sure what you’re referring to? There was no free online event? not through my site anyway?? where did you see it? as it’s not anything to do with me im afraid.


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