5 ways to maintain your wellbeing on vacation

by Polly N on September 16, 2013

Guest post by Kendra Thornton

While talking with some fellow moms last week, I learned that these usually fitness-minded women weren’t taking care of themselves when traveling. As a result, they return home stressed and tired but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can have a relaxing vacation – even with kids in tow. Here are some of my best strategies:



1. If you’re traveling to a large city, book your stay at the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. They go beyond the hotel gym concept by offering a free yoga mat and on-demand fitness programs in every room! You can browse other places that would fit your style; however, be sure to check up on free amenities before you choose! I like using Gogobot to read through their customer reviews to make sure I’m getting honest feedback that will benefit my family and me!

2. Whatever your method of travel, the trip can have some harrowing moments. A short meditation session in your seat (as long as you’re not the driver!) can help melt them away. Take slow, deep breaths and let thoughts float through and out of your mind. It will help you arrive at your destination in a peaceful frame of mind.

3. When sightseeing or hurrying through an amusement park, you might not realize it’s been awhile since your last meal until your stomach (or one of the kids) is suddenly screaming “feed me!” I always stash some healthy, energy-boosting snacks, like nuts and berries, in my bag for these moments. Learn more about high-energy foods here.

4. Switch your heels for sneakers! When I’m going on a trip I like to make sure I can go for a run on the beach, join a nearby yoga class or even do some sun salutations right from my own room! It’s always good to maintain your fitness regime in a fun, interactive way on vacation so you don’t come home 10 pounds heavier!

5. Take time in the evening to unwind. Bring along some bags of your favorite tea – mine is Tazo’s Calm tea, which also helps to settle my stomach after over-indulging in the local cuisine. For added effect, create a tranquil atmosphere in your room with a few tea light candles.
I hope you’ll give some of these tips a try! These simple strategies can make a big difference in the quality of your vacation time. Tell me in the comments below what you do to stay well on the road.


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