Friday Fitty: Timothy ‘Livewire’ Shieff – Freerunner Extraordinaire!

by Polly N on September 6, 2013

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to a raw dinner party! These kinds of offers don’t come in very often (and not from people as talented as Russell James & Amy Levin) so I jumped at the chance to check out their digs and taste their awesome raw food. I was introduced to a guy called Timothy who told me he was free runner. There were a few things that surprised me about this guy; he seemed like a very conscious being and to see this in a 25 year old who has travelled the world might not be that rare, but I certainly don’t meet many people like this often. I think he’s a pretty cool guy and there’s a lot you and I can learn from him so today we’ve got him answering our questions. Oh, and he also happens to be best known for winning the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship and participating on the television programme MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Meet Timothy… and be sure to check out his skills in the video below!


What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?  

Childish, open minded, altruistic.

What was the catalyst that turned you onto raw vegan food?

A guy called Durian Rider talking about 80/10/10 on youtube and how simple and how much sense he made it sound – it really resonated with me as I am a truth seeker.

Which benefits of eating raw food do you enjoy & value the most?

Oo so many. How simple some meals can be and how complex and fascinating some of the gourmet raw meals are! But really the greatest benefit has to be the one to my health, feeling light, fresh and not inflamed all the time.

As an athlete with freakishly but awesome bouncy legs that enable you to glide through the air, you must need to sustain your energy. For all those guys (& gals) that think you have to eat meat for protein and energy, can you tell us what an average intake of food might be for you in a day?

8 bananas, 2 grapefruits, 2 apples, a huuuge salad, mango, 10 dates, some almonds. You will always find science saying and ‘proving’ every thought you can possibly have be it positive or negative. The real trick to this diet is learning to listen and trust your intuition. Coming from a cooked food diet we have to really  learn to listen to our bodies again.

What do you do to train everyday?

Yoga, Parkour, Calisthenics.

I think many people can learn from your confidence in your ability. You must harbor a lot of faith that you’re going to make each jump successfully. How do you build & maintain that faith when your head tells you it’s too dangerous or you’ve seen others fail?

Learn discipline to calm the mind, and once again trust your intuition over all the fearful left brained mind chatter that comes up when you put yourself in an unusual situation. A lot of training of how to fall if that were to happen also so you know how to save yourself in 99% of situations that could potentially arise.

What are your daily non-negotiables when it comes to your diet and lifestyle regime?

Food wise its gotta be dates. If I ever think I might be hungry or not satisfied by a meal, I make sure I have some dates on me (Medjool if possible) to satisfy my sweet tooth and I guess get those calories in.
Lifestyle wise I try to do yoga every other day at least as it helps to keep me feeling connected to my higher self which is very useful especially living in London. It’s quite easy to pick up on other peoples negative energies and you can lose that connection simply by crossing paths with a fearful human.

I saw you make a green smoothie in one of your videos. You included the whole coconut water carton IN the smoothie, which I wouldn’t recommend! Why did you do that? Do you know something we don’t?! ;o)

Haha I put that in as a joke and so many people thought I was either being serious or that I’m an idiot. I like to make people think and I didn’t want to make a boring video so I added a few little odd bits in. My mum didn’t like that bit either. Seriously though it’s not edible and that smoothie didn’t taste nice! Ok good! Glad you cleared that up!


What are your rules when it comes to eating and living consciously on the road?

Keep some dates nearby for moments of potential weakness. Eat when you get chance because you don’t want get caught out with nothing but a mcds around, and the blessing of this diet is you can eat as much salad and fruit as you want guilt free. 

What are your go-to meals and snacks when you are really busy?

Banana smoothies, medjool dates, punnets of grapes, pre sliced mango.

Do you eat out much and if so, how do you manage that with eating a raw diet? 

Yea a fair bit. Salads and fruit are the only real viable option unless your going to a vegan restaurant, I just try to eat before I go because temptation thrives on hunger.

Juice Junkie or Smoothie Junkie? Which do you prefer and what’s your go-to favourite combo?

Smoothie, I like to chew as I sip. Banana, Cacao beans, Cashews (when im feeling naughty), sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger, maca.

What are your top 3 superfoods and why?

Broccoli, Blueberries, Watermelon. All very strong colours, before science came along and ruined the miracle of food by making it boring and a maths equation, we used to go by colour and try to eat a diet rich with as many different colours as possible to know we were getting the right nutrition.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you make?

Hitler. He was vegetarian and an animal activist apparently so must have had some compassion maybe I could talk him into being a human activist as well and save a few million people. I like a challenge and always have faith in love. A huge simple salad followed by a fancy fruit platter (I make good fruit platters).

What is your favourite meal to make for yourself? 

I don’t have a favourite, at different times I have different cravings dependent on what my body is deficient in and usually I enjoy whatever stops that craving. That’s how our bodies are designed to work and what our food should do.

What is your favourite quote or saying to live by?

“Yesterday I was clever so wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” Rumi

See what I mean? Conscious and pretty darn cool. Check out his moves here: Follow Timothy: Twitter Youtube

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John September 7, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Tim is awesome, this man speaks truth.


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