How to make a vision board and why you need one

by Polly N on September 11, 2013

The other night, I was curled up on the sofa cutting out images and words from magazines and happened to write on my Facebook page that I was working on my vision board. There were a few different repsonses to this; some were from people who had recently updated theirs and others simply asked what one was as they had not heard of one before! So below, I’m breaking down what a vision board is, how to make one and how it can help you call in your desires.


What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool that allows you to find visual representations of everything you wish to have in your life that you currently don’t have, from love to a new pet to more compassion to nailing the latest yoga pose – it can literally be anything. We use images and words to inspire us towards our goals by taking daily consistent action and use our vision board to keep us motivated and focussed.

The Law of Attraction suggests that what you think about, you bring about so the more these things you desire are in your consciousness, often the faster your desire may manifest.

How do you make a vision board?

The simple answer: cut out/print off/find images of everything you wish to have or create in your life and collate them into one image. But it’s important you get some clarity so try following these steps:

1. Get Clarity

To give you some clarity on what kind of life you would like to be living, ask yourself:

  • What kind of life do I want?
  • Who inspires me?
  • Who are my mentors?
  • How much money do I want to earn?
  • Where do I live?
  • What work do I do?
  • What will I achieve?
  • How do I feel?

2. Play

Cut images out of magazines, search online for pictures, words, phrases that sum up your vision of your future. I love Pinterest, Flickr, Google Images and Shutterstock. Search for feelings of joy, happiness, love, freedom within you and the images that inspire and motivate those feelings. Look for images and things that make you feel alive inside! Go, look, play!

3. Create your vision

Buy a pinboard or cork board and pin your vision! Hang it somewhere you will see it everyday. You could also print off a picture of your vision board and stick it to your bathroom mirror and put a copy in your handbag so you can look at it and remind yourself of what you’re working towards. For an online vision board, use Pinterest.



It can often help to feel the feeling of the things you want to manifest. For example, if you are single, the ideal thing to do in order to manifest the feeling of love and being with someone is to imagine feeling what it would feel like. When you see a couple madly in love which you wish for yourself, dive into that vision and fill yourself up on the love emanating from them. By feeling the feeling, you attract that experience to you.

Everything is energy so when you vibrate at the level of feelings you want to experience, you naturally attract that experience to you.

A note about timeframes:

What you want will show up when it’s supposed to. The more you question where your ‘thing’ is and when it’s going to arrive, the more you push it away. Imagine you’re growing a flower and you just planted the seed but a week later, you’re checking on it and digging it up to see if it’s started growing yet and of course, the more you watch for it, the slower the process takes.

So remember:

  • Your goals and desires will show up when they’re supposed to, NOT always on your restricted timeframe.
  • Plant the seed, grow the vision in your minds eye and with the feelings in your heart and body.
  • Be patient and expect miracles.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any wording should be positive and written in the present tense so for example, if you want to earn a certain amount of money, you say “I EARN XXXXXX PER YEAR” or “I AM A BESTSELLING WRITER”


This is my latest vision board. Yes, it’s a bit messy because some of the latest additions have been added on top of some of the other images but that’s fine for me. Other people like super tidy perfectly aligned vision boards so if that’s your thing, then do that! There really is no wrong way to do it.

I find that I often have to update my vision board as my desires manifest. Seeing these awesome changes and upgrades in your life motivate and inspire you to keep going, in fact, I’ve just noticed the logo from You Magazine which I featured in a few months ago so I’ll change that later today. (If interested, you can read the article here.)

My Vision Board

 My Vision Board


While I am still focussed on improving my health levels, I also have a lot of other goals I wish to achieve. Here’s a brief explanation of what I have on my vision board:

+ Orangutan: I LOVE orangutans and monkeys and I desperately want to go hang out with them in Borneo when I’m physically fit enough.

+ I’m working on my next book which I’m very excited about and am looking for publishers. I have also included some pictures of media outlets I would like to help me share my message of disease prevention and living consciously.

+ I have several images of exotic locations & the ocean which I love to be beside and nice places to hang out because I am in desperate need of a holiday but I’m not letting myself go anywhere until I’m feeling stronger because I have a tendency to take on too much!

+ I’ve put my face on to a magazine cover as I would like to feature on a cover  of a health/wellbeing magazine sometime soon

+ I have included several pictures of my mentors and empowered women who are making waves in their business and industry. These women are kicking butt and doing it in style with authenticity and genuine compassion for humankind.

+ I want to become a yoga teacher

+ TV Chef – I’m currently working on a concept for a tv food show.


So there you go! A little sneek peek into my world (which as a secretive Scorpio I find really hard to share!) but I know that this will go a long way to helping you so I hope you enjoy! Post your vision boards on facebook or Instagram and tag me!  I’d love to see what you’re working on!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share on how you make your vision board or how you manifest the things you want in your life?


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Miliany Bonet September 11, 2013 at 1:24 pm

Great post, Polly! :) I believe in vision boards. I believe everyone should have one, as we all can benefit from it. Have you heard of the movie, “The Secret”? It’s a great, positive movie and they talk about vision boards and the importance of having one. If you haven’t heard of The Secret, you should definitely check it out! I think you’re gonna love and enjoy it. I wrote a post about The Secret (book and movie), here’s the link:

If you’ve never heard about it and do check it out, please post a comment on my blog letting me know what you thought of it. I’d be appreciated. :)


Vivienne September 21, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Love your vision board Polly! I’ve got my own and I have to say if I’m feeling down or uninspired I just look at it and focus on the positive. And I’m also a sercretive Scorpio so I know where your coming from!


Victoria Cunningham-Downey September 22, 2013 at 9:12 pm

I love this insight into your world Polly so thanks once again for your generosity. I see that you want to become a Yoga Teacher and want to draw your attention to something that has been on my vision board for over 3 years and will finally be happening next year – my very first Yoga Teacher Training! I want to teach a select bunch of special peeps to become hatha yoga teachers with a kundalini and core strength flavour and would love YOU to be a part of it. Although I’m now living in Glasgow I’m delivering this training in Northern Ireland as a residential programme and it takes place from January to June 2014. If you want more details check out the courses page of my website or send me a wee email. x


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