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by Polly N on October 4, 2013


Janey Lee Grace is  known to over 7 million daily listeners via BBC Radio 2, is a passionate representative and Media Spokesperson for the Organic and Natural Health world, and has been voted No 1 personality in the 2013 Natural Beauty Yearbook.  She currently writes columns for many magazines recommending natural products and services, is a passionate public speaker and interviewee on UK Radio and TV, and the author of 5 best-selling books on Natural Health, including two Amazon No 1’s. Oh and she just so happens to look beautiful naturally…

Meet Janey


What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Enthusiastic, fun-loving, determined

What does wellness or wellbeing mean to you?

Taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, taking the 100 per cent natural approach wherever possible – however it has to be realistic – that’s why I call my website and first books Imperfectly Natural, – just do the bits you can, small change big difference….

What was the catalyst that turned you onto living a more natural and holistic lifestyle?

I had a minor illness (cervical cancer, pre-cancerous cells) and it really made me curious as to why it had happened, I started to look into the ‘holistic’ picture, the importance of nutrition, but also the ‘whole’ picture, mind body and spirit.

Can you tell us why you are so passionate about natural living and why more people should take more notice of what products they use and how they live?

We’re bombarded by ‘stuff’ swimming in a kind of toxic soup and we’ve come so far from how we are meant to live, for me it’s a no – brainer that we should look to nature first, it has all the answers. Having said that I don’t want to compromise on looking and feeling great so that’s why I’ve made it my business to research the best in natural and eco products – if there is a natural alternative – and its just as good, why wouldn’t you choose it?

What was the biggest challenge you found when going ‘au naturel’ and how did you overcome it? 

Interestingly when I wrote my first book 7 years ago there was very little natural make-up around, I was struggling with finding a lippy!   Now there are several ranges of organic mineral make-up which rivals all the big boys and my book is called – “Look Great Naturally – without ditching the lipstick”

For anyone wanting to upgrade their health or living area, what is your advice on what to change first and how? 

Start with what feels easy, perhaps a natural deodorant, you can buy a crystal deo for less than five pounds and it should last you over a year, that’s a good start, for your home, ditch the chemical air freshener and half fill a plant spray with water and add a few drops of essential oil – spritz to your heart’s content.

What does an average intake of food consist of for you per day?

I eat lots – but its real food, eggs, smoothie for brekkie including a wheatgrass shot, veggie soup for lunch with salad and for dinner a typical one would be a sweet potato or butternut squash bake with greens.

Who are your dream dinner guests and what would you serve them?

Russell Brand of course and I’d serve him a magical gourmet 5 course raw meal – I did a training with raw food chef Russell James so I’d use those recipes.   Couldn’t really invite anyone else – eyes for him only.

What lessons have you learned in the last few years since starting your health journey that have improved or enriched your life in some way?

That its best to encourage people to ‘add in’ to their diet rather than ‘take away’ as most of us hate feeling deprived, so best to just start adding the good stuff. Live wheatgrass shots have changed my life; I was trying to grow my own and it was a nightmare so a frozen shot is awesome, I’ve also learnt that gratitude is the bridge to overcoming the blues…

What can we look forward to from you in the future?  

My Platinum awards are in their 3rd year; I’d like to have more media exposure for that as they recognize the best in natural and organic products and services.  I’m also running courses and one to one training for holistic professionals to get their authentic message out there, I really believe the more heart centred businesses the better world it will be.

What is your favourite quote or saying to live by?  All these ripples of holistic living will one day add up to a sea of health…Janey Lee Grace…or

I wanted to change the world but got distracted by something shiny…anon

What recipe would you like to share with us?

Nutty Balls!


In a high speed blender grind almonds or cashew nuts.

When they are a fine powder, add a couple of tablespoons of water, and approx. three tablespoons of raw honey (preferably Tiana Raw wildflower honey)  a drop of vanilla essence and blend together.   When you have a sticky consistency (add more water / honey to adjust) lay out on a board covered in ground cinnamon.  Roll into little balls and if you choose roll again over desiccated coconut,  voila, amazing raw nutty balls, rather like your own artisan chocolates.


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Have you started using natural products and if so, tell me in the comments below what your favourite brands are.

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