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by Polly N on November 8, 2013

Not only is Tom Oliver the preferred personal trainer  as chosen by some of the worlds finest brands from Harrods to Quintessentially, he has also expanded his brand of personal training internationally. And he has just made his debut into the world of nutritional supplements with the launch of Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar.



What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Inquisitive, Disciplined, Energetic

What is your food philosophy?

It’s pretty simple really. We must appreciate the foods man was placed on the earth to consume. That excludes most foods that derive from a factory, packet, or come in florescent colours and are sparkling. You get the picture. Meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are mans staple diet, and if we were able to stick to these then obesity would no longer exist. That said, I am a realist and the human race has evolved into the 21st century and this consumer led environment. Moreover we are gullible to the marketers’ messages. I personally, and this is my philosophy with clients, adopt a 70:30 ratio to both diet and exercise. If you are able to eat clean and train consistently 70% of the time, then one can just about afford the 30% of eating in moderation “modern foods” and the rest days from exercising. That said, it’s down to specifics, if I want to achieve my very lean physique, then I really go back to basics and its only the meat, fish, vegetable, fruits and nuts etc that pass my lips. The results are quite profound!

Do you eat much raw food and if so, why do you feel it’s important to do so and what benefits do you feel?

I don’t eat enough if I am brutally honest and the benefits are obvious. It relates back to my previous point and mans evolution through food and diet. We need to turn back the clock on the evolution of mans diet. Cooking damages the structure of what we eat, so eating vegetables especially in their raw form will provide a much more potent nutrient density. So boiling the living daylights out of your broccoli is not the answer. Again I am a realist, and it would be unrealistic to assume everyone will change to raw foods, so a balance is to lightly steam food rather that boil the nutrients out.

As someone that works long days in order to train clients, you must need to sustain your energy, can you tell us what an average intake of food might be for you in a day?

My diet varies dependant on my specific training at any one time, however this would be an average day:

7am: Porridge oats, banana, almonds and honey OR Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon-

Always accompanied by my Omega 3 MOPL – Herring Caviar Capsules.

10am: Apple and a couple of spoons of natural peanut butter (my nemesis).

1pm: Big tuna salad with pine nuts, boiled egg and green beans.

3pm: Greek Yogurt and banana

7pm: Grilled fish usually with steamed vegetables and a sweet potato.

This is a very rough guide, as I try to eat a broad range of colourful vegetables weekly and also a variety of meat, fish and poultry, as lean protein will assist in muscle growth/ maintenance, which is vital to maintain a year round lean physique and recover from those hard training sessions.

Also if necessary, I use some protein supplements if I am training a lot. I am currently developing a protein supplement from Herring Caviar and Single Cell Protein, in a capsule form. It’s more bioavailable than a Whey protein and therefore you will need much less. Ours will be in capsule form, so those who dislike or have limited time to eat meat or, like many find that protein shakes can cause an upset stomach, our product will be a great alternative as a complimentary protein.

What do you do to train everyday?

I love variety, so I could start the week with a strength session which is base around the 5 core compound exercises.

1)Squats, Dead-lifts, Shoulder press, Bent-over row and Bench press. This one of my favourite sessions since it challenges my body in a different way to the rest of the sessions in the week.

If I have a super busy day and time is tight I will throw is a Horrible intensity session. An example is below:

Row 1000m

60kg Clean and press x 10

Burpees x 10


Row 800m

60kg Clean and press x 12

Burpees x 12


Row 600m

60kg Clean and press x 15

Burpees x 15


Row 500m

60kg Clean and press x 18

Burpees x 18

Row 400m

60kg Clean and press x 20

Burpees x 20


Row 300 to finish

This is a killer, but only take 25 minutes and certainly gives me my daily fix!

On another day I love nothing more than a good long run with my headphones on, preferably somewhere scenic. I could go for hours, so I have to remind myself not to get carried away as I often pay for it the next day if I do.!

What are your daily non-negotiables when it comes to your diet and lifestyle regime?

Eating well! It’s really not rocket science. Eat well and be well. This includes taking my daily supplement “the Omega 3 MOPL” to support our entire bodies which are made up of millions of cells, all of which play a significant role in our health maintenance. Our omega 3 MOPL supplement is made up of Phospholipids, a structural membrane within the cell, which our bodies don’t produce, so we must get ample into our diets. What makes Phospholipids so special is that they are more absorbable and this has a great effect on Heart Health, Brain Health, Eye Health, Weight Management and Joint Health.

I train 5 days a week – it’s not negotiable, even if it’s a brutal 15/20 minutes or a leisurely jog in the park- its as much like brushing your teeth, its a habit.

My other non negotiable is on Sunday, my 70% lindt chocolate and strong coffee at the weekend…. a well earned reward!

What are the top 3 fitness myths you are forever clearing up?

1)   that weight training makes you massive:

I constantly remind my clients both male and female they are not going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, but it gives me an opportunity to again reinforce the benefits of resistance training.

2)    there is no such thing as “spot reduction”:

Often clients are obsessed with doing sit-ups and general abdominal / oblique work. Its great to build a strong core, but this doesn’t shift the fat that’s above it.

3)  More hours in the gym leads to better results:

No. Intensity is the key to better results. You need not spend hours, but ensure the intensity is optimal.

What are your go-to meals and snacks when you are really busy?

I will use my cheesy line of “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. In such that I generally make lots of food up at the weekend and use it accordingly. If I am very tight for time I will grab a some fruit, some cottage cheese or a bounce ball, its pretty easy these days to grab healthy foods on the go especially in London.

 You’ve just launched your own range of Omega 3 supplement. Can you tell us a bit more about why you decided to do this and why it’s so good for us?

 I understand how hard it is for my clients, and people in general, to always eat the right food and get the correct nutrients. I wanted to make it easier for people to obtain these essential nutrients on a daily basis, and so created Tom Oliver Nutrition; a company dedicated to offering a new generation of nutritional supplements.  I looked at the different nutrients our bodies needed and for me it was clear that Omega 3 has multiple benefits and is essential for many bodily functions such as brain and heart health, inflammation, and good vision. Therefore my main objective was to find a unique Omega 3 formula that offered unparalleled benefits and would fit easily into everyday life. The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar is unique to the UK market. It is unique in its profile containing 3 times the amount of the essential fatty acid DHA (300mg/g) compared to many other supplements.  It also contains phospholipids that accelerate the absorption and utilization of the fatty acids into the body’s cells. The capsules are smaller than most other Omega 3 supplements with less of an odour, they are also more easily digested with no fishy burps. The Omega 3 MOPL™ Herring Caviar is also environmentally friendly and sustainable; the herring roe is made from fish stock already harvested which means there are no additional emissions caused by fleet operations nor is additional pressure applied to fish stock levels.

What is your favourite quote or saying to live by?

It’s not rocket science!

We have a tendency to overcomplicate everything these days. Everyone is always looking for a complex solution to a simple problem. Take obesity for example, its due to eating too much and moving too little. So stop eating rubbish and start moving more. Simple!

Would you be so kind as to share one of your favourite exercises?

One of my favourites is the deadlifts and front squat – press.

Deadlift Phase 1 Deadlift Phase 1


Deadlift End Phase Deadlift End Phase


Front Squat to Press, Lower Phase Front Squat to Press, Lower Phase


Front Squat to Press, Mid Phase- Front Squat to Press, Mid Phase-


Front Squat to Press, End Stage Front Squat to Press, End Stage


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Thank you for making this post and for sharing on a healthy diet schedule. This post will help many people to follow a healthy diet schedule.


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