Dr David Hamilton:How to use your mind to create health,happiness & heal your body

by Polly N on January 29, 2014

Ever daydream about what the future might look like or use your imagination to consciously create what you’d like it to look like? Yes I do that a lot too. It’s part of one of the tools I use to attract experiences and things into my life with the help of my vision board. And as it turns out, I was unknowingly doing it at the age of 15, only then I called it ‘fantadreaming’, because it was half fantasy and half dream. Haha!

What I have discovered, since embarking on my wellness transformation, which has spanned the last 9 years, is that the power of the mind can help us overcome many obstacles if we just know how to use it.

Dr David Hamilton, Polly Noble

Eight years ago, I developed quite a severe case of lymphedema in my right leg following some keyhole surgery to remove some lymph nodes and some radiation and chemo. It was painful to walk on and I was told by the lymphedema nurse that I would have to learn to live with it. Well, that just wasn’t an option for me, so I began using a number of strategies to help myself heal and managed to do so successfully over a period of time. One of the tools that was instrumental in my healing was visualisation and the exercises I adopted having read Dr David Hamilton’s “How Your Mind can Heal Your body”. In the book, Hamilton provides scientific evidence to prove that the mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined and that if you can see yourself healing from an ailment or disease, the liklihood is that your body will create that reality. Also in the book are a tonne of testimonials from ordinary people who used visualisation to heal themselves, reduce their tumours, improve their arthritis, heal their back pain, you name it, which for me, strengthened my resolve and faith I would be successful.

How your mind can heal your body

I was lucky enough to sit down with David and pick his brain which was so much fun. He is full of really interesting information that you can use to improve your wellbeing everyday.

In the video below you will learn:

  • the one strategy you need to adopt to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones
  • the one thing you need to do to feel more connected and supported
  • how to reduce the effects of stress and inflammation in your body
  • how to move from illness to wellness
  • the truth about the placebo and whether it really works
  • how long it really takes to form a habit
  • why kindness really is the best medicine

And a WHOLE lot more. I urge you to watch this video…it’s packed full of insightful nuggets of wisdom.

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To read more about my lymphedema journey and the tools I used, click here.


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