How to make the upgrade and live more consciously

by Polly N on January 14, 2014

Today is a BIG day. Have you ever been so excited about something you might burst? Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now and here’s why. For months, I have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on something very special that I have created, especially for you.


Eight years ago my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was 24 years old, living in London and working as a Personal Assistant to one of the Vice President’s at Sony Playstation. I had loads of friends, who I had a ton of fun with on a regular basis, a great boss and a good job but still something was missing. I would wake up and think, “I have a pretty great life so why do I feel like something’s still not right? There’s got to be more to life than this, surely?” Have you ever felt like that?” I could never quite put my finger on what it was that made me feel this way. Then boom! My life turned upside down in an afternoon after a trip to see the doctor. I remember walking out of the surgery, feeling numb, with tears streaming down my face. I called my Mum to tell her that the doctor had told me my “cervix looked red and angry” but her facial expression and uncomfortable demeanour betrayed the words leaving her mouth. I knew there was something more sinister to the situation. She told me she wanted me to have more tests but the person that could do it was unavailable for the next few weeks. So I got myself on a train to Cambridge and booked in to see a consultant gynaecologist as soon as possible. As a result of living with cancer, and wishing I had known more about how to look after myself better on every level; mind, body and soul, I became passionate about helping others to live more consciously and led me to train as a Health Coach– to help people understand what effects their choices had on their diet and lifestyle. And now, that feeling of “something missing and not being right” has gone because in being diagnosed with cancer, I was able to find my true passion and my calling. These days, I spring out of bed, excited for what the day ahead holds because I genuinely love my job and sharing my message with the world.

Click to Tweet:Sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

That’s why I have created The Conscious Life Guide – a program designed to help you make the upgrade in every corner of your life so you can experience more health, happiness, love, joy and success.

It is a comprehensive, in-depth program that will guide you step-by-step along the path to creating the life you’ve always envisioned. It covers every aspect of wellness – body, mindset, emotions, spirit and soul – to empower true transformation and long-lasting change. You will be supported and nurtured into creating a life you love, the vibrant health to fully experience it, and the mindfulness to truly enjoy it.

Here are just some of the things you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • How to create an environment that sets you up for success.
  • The secret to overcoming those mega-mindset blocks that have kept you stuck for so long. (Hint: this is the fundamental step that diet, detox and exercise programs fail to teach.)
  • How to create healthy habits and how to overcome those pesky cravings, once and for all
  • How to fall in love with your new healthy lifestyle (…and yourself).
  • The do’s & don’ts of juicing, shopping lists, juicer buying guides, beautiful infographics and tonnes of resources
  • How to get look-at-her-glow skin, hair and nails.
  • How to create beautiful self-care routines that sustain and nourish you. (And how to stick to them!)
  • The fundamental truth about health and wellness, which every diet book misses.
  • Actual tools and strategies to create radical self-love, deep-rooted mindfulness and bring the flow back to your life.
  • Weekly emails from me encouraging and motivating you on your wellness journey.
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching calls with me where you can ask me your questions. (I no longer offer one-to-one coaching so this is now the only way you can work with me.)

Plus you’ll get access to over 40 delicious plant-based recipes with some “lean in” recipes to help you transition into eating a cleaner diet.

I could go on and on….It’s over 220 pages of beautiful, inspiring, heart-centred wellness information, tips and upgrades for you to dive head first into.


The Guide launches today and we’re having a fabulous draw so when you sign up from today until 14th February, you’ll be automatically entered where you could win any one of these prizes. Click here to check out The Conscious Life Guide.


I really wish I had known all this years ago and why I feel everyone needs to do more to live to more consciously.

I would love your help in sharing my message of conscious living. Please share the below messages on your Facebook, twitter or simply send to a friend via email. Thank you! 

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I am so excited about The Conscious Life Guide! Polly Noble has poured her wealth of wisdom as a Lifestyle advisor and health coach into a program designed to help anyone wanting to upgrade their health, heal their bodies and generally make their lives a whole lot happier!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx




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Kezia January 15, 2014 at 10:08 am

What an amazing journey and story! Its amazing how sometimes the rubbish that life throws us can actually become our greatest victory and success. Thank you for helping make this world a healthier happier place!


polly January 15, 2014 at 10:40 am

Thank you Kezia! 😉


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