Foods to eat to boost energy & positivity

by Polly N on February 3, 2014

Ever wondered how food can affect your mood? Well it can! And it can make a huge difference to how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When you consider that every living cell in your body requires energy, it would make sense to feed it with foods that contain energy as it’s easy for the body to digest and use and instantly gives you a ‘pick me up’. But I’m not just talking about any food. I’m talking about living food. Foods that have converted the sun’s light into energy using photosynthesis to promote it’s own growth; real whole living foods. This is where the good stuff is! (Ever binged on junk food and felt even more depressed? Yes? Yep, that’s because it’s dead food with no life force.)

kirlian apple

Everything in the Universe is energy. From the computer you’re reading this on, to the chair you’re sitting on to everything. And it all has a frequency. The same goes for foods but some have a higher frequency than others and the higher the frequency, the better for your body and the more positive effects you feel.

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Here are some interesting frequencies of the body;

The human body resonates between 62-78MHz

Colds & flu start at 57 – 60MHz

Disease starts at 58MHz

Candida overgrowth starts at 55MHz

Receptive to cancer at 42MHz

Death begins at 25MHz


Fresh foods resonate at approximately:

Fresh foods 20-27 Hz

Fresh herbs 20-27 Hz

Dried foods 15-22 Hz

Dried herbs 15-22 Hz

Note: Fresh foods and herbs can be higher if grown organically and eaten freshly picked.


Interestingly clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus and fungus cannot live.

Some of the most common essential oils that you may know are:

Lavender  – 118MHz

Peppermint – 78MHz

Basil – 52MHz


So what foods do we need to be eating regularly to boost wellbeing?

Whole, living foods in their raw form where possible.

Why Raw, not cooked foods?

The term ‘raw food’ pertains to food that is not cooked over 46 degrees C in order to preserve the nutrient content which is severely diminished when cooked in any way: boiled, roasted, fried etc.

Raw foods contain enzymes, which help the body with every single function from hair growth to healing to digestion. Our body is born with its’ own ‘bank account’ of enzymes but they are used up for various processes throughout the body and relies on us to replenish them through the food we eat. This means it’s important to eat a decent portion of raw food to cooked food everyday.

Enzymes are heat sensitive so they get completely destroyed when any food is cooked.


Mature broccoli heads resonate at 300MHz, which is particularly high as it’s technically a flower. Sprouts like broccoli sprouts, alfalfa, adzuki, fennel etc resonate at 150MHz and can be even higher than this if organically grown.  Broccoli sprouts also contain the phytochemical sulforaphane, which is 10-20 times higher than in it is in mature broccoli heads which helps to protect against cancer.

Kirlian photography shows the difference in electrical charge and energy between cooked and raw broccoli below.

Kirlian Photography Broccoli

Foods that are devoid of energy and are man made have a negative effect on the body by draining our energy from us which can lead to lethargy, depression, apathy and negativity.

Vibrational frequency Infographic-The Conscious Life Guide_Polly_Noble


Do you notice how you feel when you eat certain foods? Today, take notice of your energy levels and mood after eating each food and how you feel during and afterwards.


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