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Recipe of the week: Chocolate Orange Bites

by Polly N on April 18, 2014

I first made this recipe back in 2010 which is from my dear friend and raw foodist Shazzie. She came up with the recipe for her daughter Evie to ensure she was getting a good concentrated source of protein. I remember making it for the very first time and using my brand new heart shaped […]


Vanilla Cream Chocolate Easter Cups

by Polly N on April 17, 2014

With nearly every shop window displaying baby chicks and chocolate eggs, it’s likely that it will have come to your attention that Easter is upon us! But instead of loading up on sugary milky shop-bought chocolate, why not make your own guilt-free version at home that is not only healthier but actually good for you!? […]


Love chocolate? Me too. Love the guilt feelings that come with eating it? No, me either. But I have great news. How about if I told you that you can have your chocolate and not feel guilty about it or worry that it’s adding pounds of lard to your arse?! Interested? Well listen up wise one. […]


Most of us know that sugar is bad for us ergo why so many of us seek alternative ways to still consume the sweet treat, only with less sugar. Well if you are struggling to find healthy alternatives to sugar, check out this article here which lists all the alternative sugars available to you to […]


Next up in the Kickstart to Raw series is a brand spanking recipe that is off the charts in terms of deliciousness! I love chocolate. I love coconut. I love mint. What’s not to love about Raw Peppermint Coconut Slice?!   Raw Peppermint Coconut Slice Base: 2 cups pecans 1/3 cup desiccated coconut Pinch salt […]


My good friend Amy Levin is a fantastic raw food chef and has worked all over the world strutting her extraordinary culinary style. I first met Amy at her Raw Chocolate class in 2011 as was blown away by what she knows about chocolate and raw food in general! You can read about my experience […]

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For those of you wishing to make some treats for your partner for Valentines Day then look no further for I have been enjoying being back in the kitchen, experimenting, making, tasting and all that good stuff. (I also have a new project underway which I am REALLY excited about but I’ll tell you more […]


Today I have a very special guest post from the lovely Victoria Leith, otherwise known as Little Guru. She has been kind enough to contribute a delicious recipe from her latest recipe book Sweet Angel Cake Un-Bakery. Here’s a note from Victoria on how to make them: I don’t know about you but Twix’s are […]


One of the best things about writing a blog and being active in social media is that I get to virtually meet awesome other health seekers and today I’m introducing you to the beautiful Jessica Nazarali – founder of Live Healthy Below is a little Q+A about why Jessica is so passionate about food […]

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The 7 C’s I Love & Why

by Polly N on April 16, 2012

There are lots of foods that I love to eat on a mainly raw food diet and 7 of them just so happen to begin with the letter C. Maybe you’ve tried them maybe you haven’t but I recommend all of them for the following reasons;   1. Coconut water – this low-calorie thirst quencher […]

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